Wednesday, 26 September 2012

A VIP Pub Crawl in Barcelona

Hello everyone,

Paige and I had done many cheap and nasty hostel pub crawls whilst on our travels and were usually too drunk to make it to the last club so when we were approached on the street just near the Sagrada Familia to do a VIP pub crawl we were definitely interested!

At first I thought that the girl who approached us may have been trying the scam us but quickly learnt that she seemed very honest and the VIP night sounded like a great idea. Paige and I were exhausted after our huge day of sight seeing on the 'hop on hop off' bus but knew that we wanted to go and have a big night clubbing on our last night in Barcelona. After we got back from sight seeing we quickly showered and got ready to head to a bar called 'Grand Foc' in the centre of Barcelona. We had messaged the girl who was organising the night and told her to reserve two seats for the bus but were a little nervous about showing up and what the expect of the night.

When we arrived at Grand Foc we were pleasantly surprised as it seemed like a nice little cocktail bar and restaurant, however, it did feel a little like we were meeting there for a blind date as lots of people were coming into the bar not knowing what the expect and sitting around tables eyeing each other off lol We got a free strawberry flavoured sangria on arrival and sat around chatting until more people arrived. I noticed a lady looking a little hesitant about where to sit and who to approach that looked pretty cool so I invited her over to sit with us. I ended up finding out that she was from Kilburn which is right near where I had been staying with the girls in Ladbroke Grove, London, such a small world! We enjoyed the cheap sangria's and chatted until around 10.30pm when it was time to get onto the bus and head to our next destination.

We got to ride in a luxury coach which was waiting just outside the bar for us which was so exciting considering we usually get hot and bothered in between walking from club to club on the hostel pub crawls. The music was pumping as around 40 party people boarded the air conditioned coach excited about the night ahead. The second bar on the nights agenda was to Tibidabo-the top of Barcelona. Paige and I had been up there already that day but couldn't see much as it was quite smoggy, so we were excited about seeing what Barcelona looked like at night. The bus took around 15 minutes to reach the top of the mountain where we were lead into a beautiful and classy rooftop terrace bar and received a glass of champagne on arrival. There were spotty little neon lights flashing on the dance floor and we could see the beautiful lights of Barcelona from the bar. We grabbed our drinks and walked out onto the terrace where the view was even more amazing, a great way to start the night. I love getting glammed up and doing flash things so I was in my element as we sipped on champagne as we admired the view and socialised with people from the pub crawl. We stayed at this bar for around an hour before getting picked up by the coach to head to a Latin Bar.

When we arrived at the Latin bar we showed our ID cards and walked into the club through long white draping curtains into a cool, dimly lit club. It had a good feel to it and we grabbed our free shots and ordered some more vodkas. We danced using some crazy Latin moves I was copying from people around me. Nat the lady we had met from London claimed to do Zumba four times a week and we laughed as she tried to teach us some of the moves while we danced. I really like this club as it wasn't too crowded and it played popular Spanish and Latin music which was a nice change and really made us aware that we were clubbing in Barcelona, Spain. 

At around 2am we got back onto the bus for the last time and heard all about the final club we would be heading to that night from the tour guide. We were all excited because 'Opium' sounded really cool and I had wanted to go there since the last time I was with Contiki, in Barcelona. When we arrived we were taken around the back of the club and told to wait at a roped off section. We didn't have to wait very long before a security guard approached us and waved us through ahead of the long queues of people waiting in line at the club. Paige and I felt like mini celebrities as we walked into the club VIP style and saw how amazing the club looked.

We waited for ages in the line to go to the toilets which is so typical at clubs. We then waited a far while to be served at the bar before going and dancing on a very packed and over crowded dance floor. The club had a huge open plan dance floor area and outdoor deck area, where you could step right out and onto the beach. The view was amazing but the smoking deck area was packed full of people and it had lots of roped off areas where the 'real' VIP customers where sitting. We danced and watched the European dancers strut their stuff of the stage platforms, which is very common in huge clubs in Europe. It was getting late, I was getting a little tired and over dancing in a huge crowd.and we had an early flight at 9.30pm, so we decided to leave the club. I did like Opium and it was very flash but was content to end the night after having an amazing time at the three bars-clubs before that. We caught cab through the 24 hour McDonalds drive through before heading back to the hostel, which wasn't 'VIP' at all, laughing and saying all of the Spanish words we knew to the taxi driver. We ended up getting home at around 4.30am and passing out in our beds as soon as our heads touched our pillows, those free pour drinks in Spain really get you drunk ha ha

We had such a fun night and it was so nice to go to the classier styles of clubs in Barcelona. If anyone is ever in Barcelona I would definitely recommend going on one of these pub crawls, for 31 Euros it was worth every cent. Here is the link for all of those that want to check it out....

Love The VIP Backpacker
Paige and I all ready for our VIP pub crawl
Views from the rooftop terrace bar

Opium Nightclub Barcelona

Paige and I at Universal nightclub

Our sweet coach ride for the pub crawl

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