Monday, 12 November 2012

Lolly The Londoner's Guest Blog

Hi all before I start I thought Ii would introduce myself. My name is Lorraine aka Lolly; I am from London and a friend of Karissa. Karissa asked me to write a little something for her blog, so here goes…
I first met Karissa in the beautiful San Sebastian, Spain; we were on a group tour to see the San Fermin Festival. Like me Karissa was travelling solo and we were sharing a room. As we got talking we found that we had things in common such as a love for travelling and the same taste of music. We also realised that we lived literally around the corner from each other in London, small world!
Even though I had just met Karissa and only known her for a short time, I felt that she was an old friend as she was so easy going and funny. During our many talks I learnt four things about Karissa 1) she is very close to her family, 2) she is not afraid to defend herself physically or verbally, 3) she can and will vomit anywhere and everywhere after a drink or two or three… and lastly 4) I learnt about pash and dash!!
During our short time together we had many funny and amazing experiences however my favourite memory of Karissa is our first night out in San Sebastian. There had been a meet and greet for everyone on the group tour at a local bar. The night was filled with banter, lots of laughs and tons of Sangria, which Karissa consumed a lot of! This resulted in me carrying her home to bed and the infamous vomiting on the hostel floor in the middle of the night. I had been woken by Karissa vomiting on the floor, in the bin and toilet.  She was pretty out of it and didn’t seem to fussed about the trail of vomit she had made, that is until the morning where she blamed the vomit on the other girl in our room who we hadn’t met! It was then I thought this girl is a keeper!
Before returning the Land of Oz, Karissa and I hung out a few times in London, again these times were filled with laughter, some drunken nights and of course vomiting!
Karissa is one of the most genuine and generous people I have ever met, she is not only beautiful and funny but is also a great friend to have and I consider one of my closest friends. She is my sister from another mister and is a friend for life. And even though she may be back home now I know I haven’t seen the last of her and she will soon be back in London where we will continue our friendship and have more experiences and memories.
To Karissa my reverse coconut! Love ya girl x
Lolly the Londoner xx
My crazy friend Lorraine

Watching the opening bull run in Pamplona with Lorraine and the girls

Lorraine and I going to watch 'Wicked' the musical

Lorraine and I out for dinner in London

Lorraine taking the piss out of a guy in Pamplona

Dinner with my girl Lorraine in London

Lorraine and I at my farewell drinks in London

Lorraine and I at 'Wicked' The Musical

Lorraine and I out on the town in San Sebastian

Beautiful Lorraine

Me, Lorraine and Connie in San Sebastian

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