Saturday, 28 July 2012

Bilbao Day Two

Hey everyone,

On day two in Bilbao I had a big sleep in and only woke up as the Hobart boys were leaving at around 11am. After the boys left I showered and decided to go and explore the streets of Bilbao. As I walked around I loved the old Spanish town and I felt like I was in a movie as an old Spanish man was playing music on an accordion and it was echoing through the cobbled streets. There were lots of very well dressed people walking through the streets and I felt very safe alone in the daytime. I hadn't had breakfast so I grabbed some cheesy chips and lollies, which I know is not nutritious at all and continued walking around Bilbao. I walked over a beautiful bridge and into the more central Bilbao which was alot busier and not as pretty as the old town I was staying in. I really can't use a map to save my life so I enjoyed walking around and finding my way back to the old town by remembering familiar buildings and shopfronts. 

After walking around for quite awhile I found my way back to the old town and decided to get something for lunch. At this stage I had no idea what 'pinxos' was so I was walking around trying to find some tapas which I had been craving. Everything was on bread sticks and was grouped together with toothpicks and I had no idea what much of the food was besides salami lol I decided to walk in and try and choose anything to eat as most of the restaurants had similar foods. I walked into a restaurant and the Spanish man immediately starting speaking fluent Spanish to me which I couldn't understand. I could only say hello and I pointed to the food I wanted to eat as my way of communicating. I ended up eating some food that didn't leave me overly impressed as I wanted tapas and walked back to the hostel. A few people were wondering around the hostel when I returned and there were many people on their laptops and iphones searching the web. I decided as it was siesta time that it was a good time to catch up on some of my smaller blogs about my London adventures. I am way to anal to fall behind with my blogs while I have time to write them so I wrote about three that day.

It was getting quite late and some of the travellers started cooking their dinners in the hostel communal kitchen. I decided I would go out alone and grab something to eat as I'd spoken to some people that day but hadn't met anyone I was willing to go to dinner with. I wondered around the old town and remember hearing lots of voices and music coming from one of the town squares which intrigued me to go and find out where it was coming from. It ended up being a group of break dancers who were performing for a large crowd of Spanish people so I decided to stick around and watch. It was very entertaining and I stayed and watched for ages before again ordering from a bar where I couldn't communicate to the lady what I wanted to order. Thank god Spanish people know what pointing refers to because I would have gone hungry that night lol That day I wished I could speak Spanish that's for sure!

I walked around the streets and back to the hostel and felt a little uneasy as I was alone, it was dark and loads of people where drinking outside small little bars. After returning to the hostel I had my first night of annoying hostel living as many of the people who were staying there were so loud and playing drinking games in the common room. The common room happened to be right beside my room. I found it really hard to get to sleep that night because of all the shouting and laughing which was frustrating especially because I knew I was leaving for San Sebastian the next day, but I guess that's hostel life for you :( I woke up that night to someone banging on the door, after the door was opened it ended up being this Spanish man who worked at the hostel. He was trying to communicate to the guy who was staying in my room that his friend had been kicked out of the building due to pissing the bed and smashing a light. The Spanish man seemed pretty angry and had apparently already kicked loads of people out of the hostel for good that night because everyone had got way to rowdy. The poor boy in my room was half asleep and had no idea what was going on  but wasn't going to let his friend sleep alone on the street, so he packed up all of his bags and left for good as well. I found it hard to get to sleep after that as I was worried about my roommate and even though I didn't know him that well sleeping on the streets in a foreign country is messed up.
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