Thursday, 5 July 2012

Sarah Sly and Shoreditch

Hey everyone,

We decided to have drinks with Sarah (Holly's housemate) who was leaving to go to Ghana in Africa for 6 months. Sarah had lived in London for two years and worked as a nurse all over many hospitals in the time she was there. She loved working with children and decided to go and work as a volunteer nurse in Africa before heading back to Australia which is such a brave and selfless thing to do. Sarah is originally from Forbes, NSW and is so lovely and she really made me feel at home at Holly's. She has the most contagious laugh and you can not help but laugh at her hilarious stories! She is a beautiful girl and I wish her all the best in Africa I know the people there will love her as much as we do.

Georgie, Holly, Sarah and I had breakfast at their local favourite cafe before heading over to east London on the overground train to Shoreditch, Hackney. I'd never been to the east before and I'd heard it was pretty trendy so was excited to see what it was like. We caught the bus from the end of Barlby Road before getting on the train which was about a 45 minute ride. We were all excited for drinks and the weather was nice and sunny which was great! When we arrived I noticed there were heaps of young people dressed very 80's but very trendy, apparently lots of 'Hipsters' hang out in the east. I got the vibe that whatever crazy outfit you wanted to wear was accepted in this area and no one cared what anyone thought. There are lots of vintage clothing stores and markets in Shoreditch and when we got there Georgie and I decided we would have a look at a pop up vintage store that was close to the bar were were heading to. There were so many cool old clothes that were actually quite cheap, Georgie and I didn't buy anything but enjoyed just having a look.

We then walked to the bar that we were drinking at that day called 'Big Chill Bar' which had a great beer garden out the front. The bar looked pretty alternative and had lots of trendy people inside, it also had funky decorated walls. We got our drinks and sat at a table out in the beer garden, I started with a bottle of Sav Blanc and the girls started on the ciders. Later on we ended up moving inside to have our own table and lounged section which ended up being a good idea because the place ended up packed later that night. Rachel and her from Haylee ended up coming to join us for drinks along with Sarah's friend Batty and Holly's friend Dave. We had such a good day and I ended up pretty drunk after drinking a bottle of wine, a jug of Pimms and 4 double vodkas lol Wow just call me Frank The Tank! I ended up getting up to dance right at the end of the night with a Kanye West look alike who had a huge ass that the girls were grabbing when they were walking past him that night ha  We ended up getting a cab back to Barlby Road at about 11.30pm which was a funny drunken ride. I know that Georgie and Holly are going to miss you like crazy and I am definitely going to miss you Sarah! I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet you and hang out with you while I was in London, you are a great girl and I hope you have the most amazing time in Africa and I'll catch up with you back in Australia!
Dave, Holly and Georgie at Big Chill Bar

Holly, Sarah, Georgie and I at Big Chill Bar

Holly, Sarah and Georgie at Big Chill Bar

Haylee and Rachel

Me and the beautiful Sarah Sly

Batty, Sarah and I at Big Chill Bar

I'm going to miss you Sarah!
Love The East London Loving Backpacker

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