Wednesday, 4 July 2012

My first meeting with ANZUK-teaching agency

Hey everyone,

My introduction to the teaching world in London began when I met a guy named Stuart who was a secondary teacher living with Rachael in Essex Park. We got chatting and he asked me what kind of work I was looking for and when I mentioned I was a primary teacher he was quick to recommend me and pass my details onto a couple of teaching agencies for me.  

A couple of days later I received a call from a girl from ANZUK who was keen to get my resume and help me get set up to teach in the UK. Almost everyone that teaches in the UK gets set up with an agency as it's the easiest way to get work and they set everything up for you. ANZUK specialises in getting teachers from Australia, New Zealand and Canada set up and ready to work in the UK. I arranged a meeting with ANZUK for two days after I received the call from them and I saved the address and organised how I was going to get there that night. 

I used the tube and google maps to find my way to the ANZUK main office through the rain and terrible weather. I got there with plenty of time to spare so I decided to have some lunch before my scheduled meeting time. I walked into the office and a lady showed me through to an interview room where so asked me loads of questions about my visa and where I was living in the UK. She got me to sign lots of contracts that day and she said it was her job to get all of my official documents and criminal records checks completed so I could start work immediately. I signed a contract which gave her permission to get in contact with the University of New England so ANZUK could get a copy of my transcript. I also signed other documents which allowed her to use my details so she could get both of my CRB-British criminal records check and Australian criminal record checked and cleared.  She got my to sign more contracts with a company who was in charge of my pay and tax and also set my National insurance number up for me. She photocopied my passport, proof of address and got my bank details from me this day as well. I felt a little overwhelmed but glad she was doing all of the organisation of the contracts for me as I would have not a had a clue on where to begin.

The lady in charge of all the administration left the room and told me that she was going to bring in one of the agents that would be responsible for finding me work and calling me on a regular basis into the room. I had to wait in the room for a long time alone waiting for him but I was able to read through some of the contracts and brochures they had given me while I waited. A young guy called Simon entered the room and was really nice but a little frantic as I'm sure he deals with loads of teachers each day. He had a sheet which had lots of questions he was going to ask me on it and spaces for my responses. He asked me questions like where I wanted to work in London, how far I was willing to travel, what areas I specialised and was trained in and what areas I felt most comfortable in teaching. He also asked me what my best assets where which was a tough question as I find it hard to talk myself up in interviews but he said that most people did which made me feel better.

He ran me through some of the expectations that ANZUK had in regards to uniform, punctuality etc and then gave me a nice shoulder bag which had an umbrella, tube map, pens and time sheets in it. They were all labelled with ANZUK which made me feel like I was definitely part of the agency now. It all happened quite suddenly and Simon and the administration lady informed me that they would be calling me early the next week for work which was exciting but also very scary. I left the ANZUK offices feeling excited but a little overwhelmed as I headed back to Holly's house on the tube. I couldn't believe I was about to start working in London and I was a little anxious as I had no idea what it was going to be like in comparison to teaching in Australia..... 

Love The ANZUK Backpacker

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