Saturday, 14 April 2012

All about my departure to London :)

Hey everyone,

My trip started with mum and dad driving me to Sydney. We all drove down and stopped at Lithgow for lunch at this beautiful little restaurant called Vanilla. After lunch I drove to Sydney International airport and checked in my huge packpacking bag. The whole time I was at the airport it hadn't really hit me that I was actually leaving. I didn't want to say goodbye to mum and dad and that was actually one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. Just before leaving to go through customs it hit me!I was leaving everything I knew and loved to head over to London/Europe for 8 months ALONE!!arrhhh I cried to whole time whilst saying goodbye to mum and dad and watching them cry made it worse :( I also cried to whole way through customs and to the departure lounge. I was sitting alone texting everyone quickly before getting onto the plane and soon enough it was time to get onto my Emirates flight bound for Bangkok and Dubai.

On the 17 hour flight I was sat next to this nerdy little old man who played games like mindsweeper and suduko lol I had dinner on the flight which was delicious :) Then slept for about 8 hours as it was a night time flight and I wanted to stay in a regular sleeping pattern (the plane even had stars on the roof of the plane to seem like it was nighttime). After I woke up sand Sally you will be proud I watched some movies!ha I watched New Years Eve and Moneyball. I had breakfast and then we stopped over for a quick refuel in Bangkok. You could either get off the plane and wait in the airport or stay on while they cleaned the plane. I chose to stay on as I didn't want to get lost ha I thought I'd be all organised and get out my jacket which was beige and the same colour as the blankets on the flight and they bloody took it while I was walking around the plane stretching and it ended up with the hundreds of other blankets at the airport. First bit of bad luck on the trip!!lol

We continued on the Dubai on another 7 hour flight where I watched more movies and slept. Then I had to leave that flight and find my departure lounge for Heathrow airport. I found it easily as I was more alert than if I was with a group who would organise things for me ha I got to the lounge and the plane was already boarding. I sat next to an Maurician (I think thats how you spell it?) little girl and her mother which was actually nice. We couldn't understand each other but smiled and helped each other with our food and when we needed to get out and go to the toliet ha When arriving at London airport I had to concentrate on where I needed to be and where to collect my baggage. As soon as I got to the baggage terminal I saw my little Aussie badged backpack and had to grab it quickly but because it was sooo heavy I knocked into these two middle aged people baahaa I felt like an idiot and felt silly for laughing at myself!ha After getting my backpack onto my back with difficulty I followed the signs to the train station.

I lined up in the ticket line and ended up getting an all access train card which is called an 'Oyster Card' as I thought it was be the best option and I remember Brad telling me about them. I can also top them up as needed. I took to Picadilly line to Earls Court. It was about 8 stops I think. The trains seem to move alot faster than the trains in Sydney and I was standing so it was hard to not fall over ha another loser moment where I felt like laughing at myself. After arriving at Earls Court I left the train station and asked the lady at this little news stand where Barkston Gardens were...She told me it was the second street on the left so I decided to walk.  The streets were beautiful and I think this must be a nice area as there were lots of BMW and Audi cars around the streets. Yay for me!I found it easily and checked in.

After trying to get into my building for about 15 minutes I realised I was using the wrong entry and thats why my card wasn't working ha I thought I was staying in a single room alone but opened the door where I would be staying for the next 2 weeks to 4 bunk beds and one British man sitting on his bed. We sat and chatted for awhile. I realised my room was sooo tiny and there was barely enough room for all of our bags. After ahwile of getting set in 3 French people showed up. There was a couple about 24ish I think and another guy. They have really weird names that I can't remember but feel to rude to ask again ha....One of them can speak a little English but finds it hard to understand me. He works in a restaurant from 6pm-12pm. We talked a little and then I started feeling sick as I was sooo tired and smelly from the flight ha I forgot to put my deoderant into my carry on=fail!lol I had a shower which was outside my room and was only just warm on full hot water (no cold) and got into bed to sleep. The others were still awake and I was suprised that I could go to sleep with them playing music and talking in French.

I woke up alot last night. Just being in a new environment and around new people was weird. I could hear them speaking and snoring!baahaaa I also woke up and another traveller was in the top bunk bed across from me, I think he is Asian. I wanted to get up and get ready early about 5am but everyone looked so comfy and they were still asleep. After laying in bed for an hour wondering how I was going to get dressed without waking everyone up I got down off the top bunk and quietly took my bags outside near the shower and got ready. After I was ready I went to get back into my room and realised I had left my key on my bed inside!arrrrhhh I knocked quietly and the French girl looking very tired opened the door for me. I locked up my bags and decided to head out for breakfast.

So now after about an hour still on the internet organising how to change my password on my blog so I could get it up and running here I am...There is internet access (8 computers) in the reception area which cost £1 for 75 minutes which is cheap!I want to get wifi access to so I can upload photos from my phone. The man named Ali at reception asked how long I was staying and when I said 2 weeks he said he would change me to a room with an ensuite after the group that is in the room now leaves!Score!He then offered me tea and toast!yay free breakfast ha

Anyway geez I have talked way too much and have to get moving and checking out Earls Court. I have decided to get the basics I need today and try and organise a sim card so I can contact people in London easily. I also want to go on one of those red tour buses that takes you around London showing the sites but it is raining so I'll see how I go. I also need to find a cheap jacket as it's freezing for a little old Aussie!ha

Love you all and I'll keep you posted on what I'm up to :) 

PS I hope this makes sense as I'm running out of internet access to proof read ha


  1. Oh Karissa you are so funny. You type just as you talk. Your blog sounds great, it has given me a great picture of what you have been up to. You have only just got there and think of all the adventures you have alread had. Just as well you have been training - or collecting your bags could have meant real trouble for the two midle aged people you ran in to. Keep us in the loop. Tracy - no'e' xxx

  2. Sounds so good already sissy!! Stay Safe!! Can't wait to read more!! Love you heaps xx