Sunday, 22 April 2012

My day in London Central with Colin

I asked my friend Colin if he would take me into London Central to see the National Gallery and Trafalgar Square. Colin my good friend at the hostel is one of the most knowledgeable people that I have ever met. He knows so much about everything and I often feel silly as I know nothing in comparison to him. I didn't know how he remembers so many facts and stories about everything to do with London and the world in general! We decided to walk which was nice and I hadn't walked into the city before as I usually catch the tube or a bus. He is obviously alot more motivated then I am as I kept asking him along the way if we were almost there yet baahaa So lazy!It took around an hour to get there (not a good idea in ballet flats) and we saw many famous sights along the way which was cool. I got to walk through some road that had very famous designers shops all the way along the street. I only went into Tiffany and Co as it was more in my price range and Colin tells me that Audrey Hepburn in the movie 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' says it makes all her problems go away when she visits the store or something ha

Harrods: (visit this site for all the stores that are located in Harrods)
Harrods is an upmarket department store located in Brompton Road in Brompton, in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, London. The store occupies a 5-acre (20,000 m2) site and has over one million square feet (90,000 m2) of selling space in over 330 departments. The UK's second-biggest shop and it was amazing and immaculate from the moment I walked in. I think that you must have to meet a criteria just to work there because all of the workers and floor staff were amazingly goodlooking and were dressed so nicely!I didn't buy anything in there as it was very expensive!They had everything from lollies and chocolates to designer bags and dresses, from pets to diamonds and cars. Ashleigh you would have been in heaven in the Pet Kingdom section. So many dog clothes,toys, collars etc and they even had a pet spa selling dog grooming products lol OMG it was an amazing experience that I will remember and Colin tells me it's the only Harrod in the world. In it's time it has had over 5 owners and in 2010 Mohamed Al-Fayed sold the store to Qatar holdings for £1.5 billion geez!

When we finally got to Trafalgar Square after a it was raining pretty heavily so we had lunch at a place called Garfunkels which was yummy!I had lemon herbed chicken and Colin had chicken wings and a Corona :) When we came out we had to quickly run across Trafalgar Square and into the National Gallery. I was soaking wet and cold :/ lol Not a good feeling going into the art gallery not knowing anything about art!lol It was free admission and had over 50 rooms full of amazing artworks. I only knew Da Vinci and Van Gogh so thats all I really wanted to see. If I wasn't so wet maybe I would have listened to the audio tour but it took an hour and I wasn't in the mood ha I got Colin to ask one of the men that worked in one of the rooms where the good stuff was and he looked at me in disbelief  as if to say what are you talking about!He said everything is good but lead us to rooms where the famous paintings were lol I snapped a self portrait that I have on my previous blogs photos of Rembrandt which I got into trouble for off one of the workers lol funny! I got to see the original and only painting of Van Gogh's Chair and Sunflowers which was great and Da Vinci's painting that the Louvre houses the second painting I can't remember the name ooopps But we listened in on a private walking tour and it was quite interesting to hear the meaning he was trying to get across through the artwork. I obviously need to get into art more to know more about it before the Lourve in Paris but I definately think I'll listen to the audio tour there ha

After seeing everything I wanted to we caught the tube home because I had sore feet and was not in the mood to walk in the rain!I think I pulled a muscle that day because later that night I found it very hard to walk!!!lol Thanks for a great day Colin and all of the interesting facts you told me along the way :)

Love from London

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