Sunday, 22 April 2012

Drinks and dinner with Georgie in Notting Hill :)

Hello everyone,

Well I have been so busy being a tourist this past few days I have so much to write about. I'll start with my drinks with Georgina Cross. Georgie is a former Wellington/Sydney girl who has been living in London for almost 2 years this year. She has travelled around the world and done many of the things I am going to do on my trip around Europe. I received a message from here whilst on the plane saying that she hoped my farwell at the airport wasn't to sad and she told me how amazing Europe is which gave me heaps of optimisim upon leaving Australia. She offered to meet up so we organised to meet in Notting Hill Gate for her friends farwell drinks. I didn't want to intrude on her drinks but she assured me her friend said the more the merrier!I met her at the Notting Hill Gate tube station and waited for around 10 minutes watching everyone waving to people they were meeting thinking oh is that her lol Funny. When she got there it felt so good to see somebody I knew from Australia. We talked all the way to the pub about what I had been up to since I got here and then walked into the Prince Albert Hotel where we were meeting her friends for dinner and drinks.

They weren't there when we first got there so we sat outside and shared a bottle of wine whilst catching up on everything we had been doing over the past few years. It was great to hear advice and travel tips from someone who had done lots of things I am planning to do whilst here. She went with a group of friends and with Nicole McGuire when she was travelling so it is a little different but she went to lots of countries that I am planning to travel to. She went back inside to check if her friend was in the pub and he was so I was introduced to two couples (3 Aussies and an Irish girl) who all seemed so welcoming. They had all been overseas for almost 2 years and the Australian couple were moving back to Sydney. They called me a freashy meaning that I had arrived just off the plane into England ha. They all had great travel stories and had seen amazing parts of the world. Listening to them talk made me so excited to get going on my travels to different countries. They gave me great travel and flight websites that will save me lots of money and make it easy to find the best deals which was fantastic. We ended up having around 3 bottles of wine between Georgie and I and we quite chatty and giggly lol I had an amazing pub feed of chicken breast wrapped in bacon and filled with brie cheese. Yummo!At around 11.30pm we all said goodbye and Georgie and caught the tube home. I was listening to where she said I had the get off and she actually told me the wrong station so I had to say goodbye and catch a tube in the opposite direction!It was so funny when we were drunk. Even though it was late I still felt safe catching the tube home as there are so many cameras and people around most stations. Thank you Georgie for inspiring me to travel to destinations I hadn't thought of and introducing me to your friends. xxx

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