Monday, 16 April 2012

More of my first few days in London

My internet credit was running out so I had to recharge. This is part two of my new blog lol

Whilst in the city I got to see my first police officers. They dress in all black uniforms and wear those funny black hats with the silver crest on them lol Khadeem tells me that if a pregnant lady needs to pee that they must offer their hat to them to urinate in lol So funny!If you were here Ashleigh I'd love to see you tell them you were busting to go to the toliet!ha so funny!

Anyway my time here has been so amazing already. There is so much to see and do that it is hard to know where to begin. At least I have seen lots of things already but can't wait to explore more!I plan to go and see St Pauls Cathedral, Cruise the River Thames, The Tower Bridge Exhibition etc There is also a Hyde Park here which looks amazing. Lots of people sunbake in the warmer months and everyone rides around those Barclays bikes you might have seen on my facebook pictures. People play hockey, read, relax and do whatever here!Looks great!I want to see lots of London on a hop on hop off tour of London. It costs around £30 I think and takes you everywhere. I might do that this week just don't really want to go alone lol Holly was keen to do this with me so who knows. I am here in London until next Thursday as thats when I begin my Contiki tour!I am looking forward to that!So many countries and everything is organised for me!I go on that for 3 weeks which will allow me to see 10 different countries and experience the best each country has to offer!

Dad/Mum: I hope you are reading this lol I miss you guys so much and sorry I haven't called yet but hearing your voices might make me even more homesick :( I have organised a Skype date with you for Wednesday though so that should be great!Can't wait to see your faces and hear all about what you have been doing and tell you all about my travels!

Anyway so much to tell and I could go on but I will save other topics for my next blog ha I hope they aren't too boring!Comment on my facebook or underneath these posts to let me know what you think and if you have any tips on what I could include in the next posts.

Until next blog post goodbye and love to you all,

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