Thursday, 26 April 2012

Bits and Pieces :)

Hi everyone,

Dinner with Holly and the Aussie Bar on Anzac Day:
I went and had dinner with Holly near her house in Ladbroke Grove the other night and that was soooo yummy!I've already put on lots of weight I can feel it through eating lots of yummy food and drinking wine instead of water lol God by the time you guys see me next I'll be the size of a blimp!Be warned lol It was great to see where Holly lived and it's so cute and feels like a home should. I got to meet three of her flatmates when we popped in to grab her laptop which she kindly let me use so that I could back my iphone up and finally get it unlocked. Her friends were so welcoming and cool and they asked me to join them out at the Aussie Bar in Shepards Bush called the 'Walkabout' lol So Aussie!I was keen to do something for Anzac Day and meet some new friends so said I would love to come :) Now last night at the Aussie bar was fun there were so many people there and it was refreshing to hear Australian accents as I had been used to hearing everything but since arriving. They had all Aussie bar staff and sold Tooheys!Too bad I don't like beer...I did get talked into having a 'Snakebite' however which is made of beer,cider and red cordial I think...It didn't taste too bad but I had one and then got back onto vodka and redbull because they were pretty cheap!

I had sooo many drinks too quickly as usual and continued my social smoking, met lots of nice people and sleazebags and had a great night listening to Aussie music from a guy that was singing and playing the guitar. I heard the Song-Run to Paradise and it made me think of dad dancing to it on many drunk occasions straight away!I got my number working that day and thought it would be a great idea to call mum when I was drunk!I can't remember much of the conversation but can remember crying as soon as I heard her voice!Not because I was homesick but because it was sooo good to hear her voice and the thousands of drinks that I had that night didn't help ha Sorry mum you were probably worried :( lol

Georgie and I with a random Caribbean man lol

Me with Holly's roomies-Sarah and Luke/Duncan :)

Holly out for dinner with me <3

Unlocking my phone at Apple :/
This was probably the worst time I'd had since arriving spent trying to restore my phone at the Apple Store in Regent st. I had tried to do this myself and failed as I am not the smartest person when it comes to technology at times. I had called Apple lots of times as well as my Optus network provider back in Australia to try and sort this out. I walked in with Holly's computer and said can someone please help me restore this phone so I can get it unlocked!The guy tried to tell me it was easy and to go back home but I stood my ground and said I'm staying until it's sorted. So 4 and a half hours later whilst sitting acting like I was apart of an Apple Mac IT tutorial, I had a UK phone number!I had to get connected to the Apple wi-fi back it up and restore it which took around an hour because every cat and their dog was in there using the wi-fi!After that I noticed that my sim card had service so I knew immediately that it was unlocked yay!Then I checked my contacts, photos and calender were still right=check done!When I went to check if my music was there I looked and it said I had no songs!!!I went to one of the staff straight away and said where is my music???He said oh that's fine if you go home and plug it into your computer you will be able to get them back on there!Grrrr I said "my computer is in Australia!" lol Anyway he told me I could get my purchased music and applications back from Itunes as I had paid for them. These were the main ones I was worried about because I had paid lots of money for them. The catch was I had to download 156 songs individually from the itunes store!Geez can anything be simple!lol I couldn't get my illegally downloaded songs from my home computer so I guess I'll just have to keep getting them off itunes.

I can now only msg people in the UK or people that have an updated itunes account/iphone :( But at least I have a number yay!

Leaving Earls Court Youth Hostel:
Well it's my last night in the Youth Hostel at Earl's Court before I head off on my Contiki European Escapade 25 day tour tomorrow. I have enjoyed my stay here and have met 3 great new friends along the way but I don't think I will be staying in the same hostel for 2 weeks the next time around lol I have made this place my home over the past two weeks and it is very close to the tube station and central to everything which has been great!I have had weird things happen to me and seen spirits before and I always believe that someone is looking over me. This may sound weird and I know dad is a sceptic and doesn't believe anything I say when I talk about things I have seen....But I do believe that maybe nan and pop have been looking over me while I've been here....I use the internet alot in the reception area of the hostel and when I was a little upset the other night I heard the clock chime exactly the same as the one nan and pop used to have in their lounge room. It might be a coincidence or it might not but whenever I hear that chime it makes me think of them saying "you can do it" or something....Leaving Christina, Chris and Colin tonight was hard tonight I almost started crying because we have become so close since I got here and they really have looked after me and made sure I have been alright.

I think of when I first arrived here 2 weeks ago fresh off the plane with my backpack on looking like a total loser who had no idea of where I was and what I was doing. To now where I can find my way around on the tubes with 12 million other people and have seen so many of the amazing sites and things London has to offer. I have made Earls Court my little comfort zone and it feels like home in away when I get off at the tube station here. I love London and after my tour I am staying with Holly and her flat mates for around a week which is going to be fun!I am so grateful Holly has offered to take me in. I hope do do some of the less touristy things next time I am here and visit some of the markets and other areas that I haven't been to yet. There is so much to do and see here and within the rest of Europe I just want to do it all now!

Love from London

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