Sunday, 22 April 2012

Getting used to London Living

Harrods-The only one in the whole world

Rembrandt-very famous Dutch artist (self portrait)

Me and some cool man on a horse lol
The National Gallery

Tiffany and Co

Hi everyone :)

I have been working on making my blog more attractive today as I have had a very relaxed and easy Sunday. I hope it looks better and more enticing for you to read!

I had my first Primark experience whilst getting off at Marble Arch underground station the other day. This department store stocking cheap and inexpensive clothing has over 150 stores in the UK and many other stores in Europe. This company's bulk buying store allows them to gain bulk quantities of many clothes,shoes etc at cheaper prices making customers want to shop at this store in droves. When I went in there I was amazed at how many people were in the two story building and how much cheap yet fashionable clothing there was. It was very hard not to buy everything!I found a few things I wanted to try on and had to wait 30 minutes to get into the 30 room change room as the line was enormous!Ashleigh and Sally you would have hated it in there with so many people and none of them moved out of your way. At the start I was moving for everyone and being polite by the end I was knocking into people along the way around the store lol I ended up buying a cheap bikini and a pair of black stretch jeans for around £20 which was great :)

I have found that using the tubes in London has become alot easier. I feel like I know my way around the lines and stations much better than when I first got to London and even listen to my ipod music along the way now rather than listening carefully to which stop is next lol . I topped up my Oyster card for another week which allowed me to gain all tube and bus fairs for £28 well worth it considering I catch them everywhere. I even have the London Tube application on my iphone lol Its a little weird that I catch it so much over here as I hate catching trains in Sydney and usually get a cab but the cabs are expensive over here and I need to save dollars where I can. I quite like the fact I can get straight to the centre of places I want to go as the trains run underground!So cool!

I have been going through a little bit of money doing all of the tourist things I can in the city and buying food at almost every meal has been expensive. I found out that London has around 12 million (Sydney has around 4 million) accounted for people living here and it is the most expensive city in Europe. So you can see why and it is huge here!If Sydney only has 4 million you can imagine how many people there are in the streets here.

Moving rooms:
I had to move rooms again as there were more rooms needed for group bookings. I had to pack up everything I owned and had bought since arriving and try and fit it back into my backpack!Interesting and I had an extra bag of things also NIGHTMARE!Plus I found out that I was moving to the 5th and very top floor of building three. I had to take breaks just getting up the stairs with my backpack on as it was a long and very steep way up!lol I got there and there was a weird French older lady washing her undies in the sink and a Polish girl sitting on her bed. We introduced ourselves and I unpacked hating life!lol I did however meet an Argentinian girl that was the same age as me who was travelling around London for three days before she starts a 6 month English course in the city. It was good to meet someone normal and she was lovely!I think we may be going into London together tomorrow to watch the Changing of the Guard Ceremony...I went out for drinks with a Texas girl who I have a mutal friend with and when I got home at about 3.30am I was going off saying how I paid much more to stay here than all of the losers off the street and I've had to move twice and I was on the top floor and I hated it because I was with a freaky French lady blah blah blah and I got to move back to my one room bedroom where I was before!soooo much better!And I'm glad I packed up everything when I was drunk because that would have been hell hungover!The guy at reception who is very flirty even bought me pizza when I was drunk after I moved so I'm glad my blue eyes and blonde hair work for something!lol

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