Thursday, 26 April 2012

Contiki Plans and my first meeting

Hello again,

I'm anal and have to fill you in on everything I do now and my plans so I'm going to let you know what I am doing on my Contiki tour. I had to go to my kick start meeting tonight near Googe st station which was a mission but I got there and Brad you will be so proud!I read a map and followed the street signs to get there!lol It might be difficult getting there tomorrow though because the tubes don't start until 5.30am in most places and I need to be at the Contiki meeting place at 6am. Early start!It was very daunting walking into all of those people at the meeting tonight. There were around 100 people their from 3 tours all doing basically the same tour but breaking off at different places or doing a different amount of days. There were lots of people already there and I was 10 minutes early lol I sat there looking around at the different groups of people, some were in groups already, some people were alone like me and there were lots of people from different countries. I saw some cool people, some nerds, some akward people and some people that seemed so confident!I was nervous but trying not to show it and thinking shit I hope I make some friends on this tour!ha

They ran through all of the information about what we needed to do to get checked in and what we needed. I was already very organised and checked in on line and had my sleeping bag, towel and neck rest (thanks to Cooper and Katrina Taylor) which were all recommended. yay brown noser!lol After that we showed them our passports and filled out contact information and were free to go and have a drink at the hotel bar. I still feel sick from last night and didn't want to go as I had around a 45 minute tube ride/walk home. Lame I know but I have 25 days to drink with these people lol OMG I forgot to tell you this morning when I was on the tube with Holly as she was going to work and I was coming home in the same clothes I was wearing last night I almost had an accident on the tube!lol I was already feeling worse for wear and anyone that knows me knows that I am a vomitron as some have called me lol I said to Holly...I think I'm going to be sick!With no air, noone talking and no sound yep I was about to vomit!So seedy from the night before the tube must have known this as it came to a stand still for what felt like an hour.....I felt my mouth getting all dry and then wet and then I spewed in my mouth. Twice.Gross!All of the people around me were I'm sure thinking omg this girl is about to spew all over us and the floor. I had no where to spew and nothing to spew into so I had to swallow it!Lucky for me it was only and orange and some water that I had had for breakfast!Not my finest moment I know but thought I would share lol

On my tour these are the countries I am visiting and what days I will be there. I am so excited!I have full details on what I am doing in each country but will leave that for my blogs. Hopefully I can get onto the internet and write them while I am away.

Day 1: London-Paris
Day 2: Paris
Day 3: Paris to Beaujolais Wine Region
Day 4: Beaujolais Wine Region
Day 5: Beaujolais Wine Region to Barcelona
Day 6: Barcelona
Day 7: Barcelona-French Riviera
Day 8: French Riviera
Day 9: French Riviera-Florence
Day 10: Florence
Day 11: Florence-Rome
Day 12: Rome
Day 13: Rome-Venice
Day 14: Venice
Day 15: Venice-Vienna
Day 16: Vienna
Day 17: Vienna-Munich
Day 18: Munich-Austrian Tyrol
Day 19: Austrian Tyrol
Day 20: Austrian Tyrol to Swiss Alps
Day 21: Swiss Alps
Day 22: Swiss Alps-Rhine Valley
Day 23: Rhine Valley-Amsterdam
Day 24: Amsterdam
Day 25-Depart Amsterdam-London

Love from the Backpacker

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