Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Amsterdam Day Two

Hey Everyone,
Contiki Tour on our canal cruise of Amsterdam
I woke up on day 24 sooo tired and hungover after a massive first night in Amsterdam. I remember the girls were trying to wake me up to head into the city with them and the rest of the group on the Contiki bus but I literally couldn't move. I decided I needed to sleep my hangover off if I was any chance of backing up again for the last party night on the Contiki trip.

I ended up getting out of bed late that afternoon and I was dying for something to eat as we had no food in our hotel room. I wanted to go and meet the girls but I had no credit to call them and I couldn't top up my UK sim card in Europe without a UK bank account. I tried using the pay phones but they wouldn't connect and I thought I'd just get in a cab and go to the Anne Frank House to see if I could see the girls as that was the last place they checked in at on Facebook. When I got to the Anne Frank Museum the lines were huge and I had no way of finding them inside as I would you been in the queue for ages and I didn't have all that long until I had to meet back at the hotel for our dinner and canal cruise that night. I went and got a kebab from across the road and then spotted Adam, Leanne, Bec, Emily and Teresa in their bright blue Contiki jumpers and ran over to them. I was so relieved to find people I knew and I walked along with them until it started raining. Lots of things were closed and the weather was misrable so I told the guys I was heading back to the hotel. I wasted so much money on cabs that day and I was so disappointed that I missed the Anne Frank Museum. I will definitely have to return their one day soon, maybe for Queen's Day next year!

I went back to the hotel and slept for a little bit until the girls returned with chicken chippies and they started chatting to me. Jess said she did the hop on hop off bus tour of Amsterdam and Sharni fell asleep the whole way around so I felt better knowing she missed out on the sites that day too lol Snoring Sharni!lol We started getting ready again and I borrowed Tara's blue dress to wear to the final dinner. I was so hungover I couldn't be bothered doing my hair and I looked terrible but I didn't care as I felt so sick ha

We caught to coach into central Amsterdam and boarded our luxury boat for our canal cruise. We had waiters who served us beer, wine, champagne and nibbles as we cruised along the main parts of Amsterdam. We had the music up pretty loud and everyone was looking at us because it seemed like we were on a party boat. My wine was going down very slow but I loved that we were all experiencing this night together. We pulled up at a dock right near 'The Sea Palace' which is a huge floating Chinese restaurant in Amsterdam. This was the final dinner and we were all quite emotional sitting at the table together for the last time that night. The girls and I all went around the table and talked about our highlights of the trip and our drunkest and funniest moments. We had only known each other for 24 days but it already felt like we had known each other for years. We ate a huge buffet of Asian cuisine and drank more wine while Jess and Tamara accidentally smashed about 3 glasses at the table that night through mucking around.Crazy girls! 

Me and Rosie on the canal cruise of Amsterdam

Rachael and Hamed shaking it like Persians

Porfirio and Hamed on the canal cruise of Amsterdam

Steven loving Amsterdam lol

Views from our canal cruise

Me and Rachael

The boys of our Contiki crew

Bike parking lot in Amsterdam

Bec and our canal cruiser :)
Floating restaurant 'Sea Palace'

Jess and Sharni with our feast of Asian food
After dinner we all headed out in the Leides Pliam area of Amsterdam with the Contiki crew to party with each other for the last time as a whole group. Everyone was getting their last photos with each other as this would probably be the last time we would ever see these people again. Ping and Daniel are from Singapore and Taylor and lots of other people I became close with are from Canada so it could be years before I will ever see them again which is so sad :( Rachael and I were having cocktails and shots at the bar and having our usual deep and meaningful conversations over drinks. I seriously love that girl and I'm so glad we met each other on the first day and our friendship grew so strong over 25 days of travelling together.
Rach and I having deep and meaningfuls over cocktails

Me and Kanishk

Me and Steven

Crazy Tamara

Some of my favourite boys on the trip :) Taylor, Daniel, Hamed and Ken
Everyone was in such a good mood but it was also bittersweet as we were all trying to push leaving each other to the back of our mind that night, we didn't want the trip to end! We danced and had lots of drinks at The Bulldog club and then moved onto Amsterdamage. This club was so crowded and small but really fun, some of us were up on the stripper poles and I remember Tamara my girl was rapping it out to Eminem lol We also went to a bar where their were fire breathers that lit up the whole bar with flames and it made the bar sooo hot. I was so sweaty and everyone was either crying or holding back the tears. I lost it saying goodbye to Steven our Contiki brother and I kept telling him how much I loved him and was so glad I met him on this trip. I had a really nice chat with Matt at the bar that night over many shots about the trip and I felt like an older sister giving him advice about life and girls ha We then went onto a club called Pirates and we continued on with our partying. I remember Hummad coming up and dancing with me with his crazy Persian dance moves and I said can't you just dance seriously with me for one night. I was crying again at the thought I wouldn't see him for a long time but he soon made me smile as he actually was dancing with me seriously and spinning me around like a princess.
Matt and I having loads of shots and convos at the bar

Me and the gorgeous Ping!

Jess living it up in true Amsterdam style

Bec, Teresa, Me and Brie-Beautiful girls :)

Leaving the last club in Amsterdam

Alice and Steven buying up big ha

Me and the security guard baahaaa

Tamara and Jess blazin...
We went to one last club and I forget the name of the place but it had a sunken in dance floor and podiums for us to dance on. Jess, Tamara, Taylor, Tara, Hamed and I ended up being the last ones at the club from Contiki and we were having so much fun. I will definitely miss partying hard with Jess and Tamara as it was always us until the end but I also loved how crazy Tara got when she let loose on a night out too. These girls were honestly so fun to go out with and I loved we would never sit down and were constantly dancing the whole night. I can't wait to go out with them when I get back to Australia and for all of our friends to meet each other, I can already tell it would be one crazy night. We ended up heading to Burger King after the club and got massive meals lol We stayed there so long having drunk chats that we got our orders to leave as the establishment was closing. Hamed and I got a cab home together and Jess, Taylor, Tamara got in the other cab to head back to the hotel. We all stayed in the one room that night for our last sleepover and laughed while the girls watched 'Family Guy' on TV baahaaaaa

Love The Canal Cruising Backpacker

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