Sunday, 10 June 2012

Florence Day One

Ciao Everyone,
Me drinking huge jugs of cocktails in Florence
Florence (Firenze):
After leaving Pisa we continued on with views of the Dolomite mountains and into Florence. Apparently if you were to take a snap shot of Florence in the middle of the 16th century and compare it to today, you'd be looking at a remarkably similar image. Very little has changed since the birthplace of the Renaissance was at the height of its popularity, and the likes of Leonardo, Donatello and Michelangelo were making huge movements in various artistic mediums. Florence is truly a beautiful city and I was so excited to party here!

Camping Grounds:
It was a long drive on the coach into Italy and we got to another Contiki camping site called 'Camping Internazionale Firenze Srl'. This had everything you could want in a camping site such as: a bar, food store, cabins, washing facilities and a restaurant. This time I stayed in a cabin with Brie (a very cute young Canadian girl), Rachael and Jess. I shared my side of the cabin with Jess which was fun. We didn't have much time to get ready before it was time to have dinner and head into a Karaoke bar in Florence City. We got to eat Chicken Parmigiana which was delicious and then we got onto the coach to head into town.

Karaoke Bar:
I was so excited but swore I wasn't going to get up on stage and sing! lol hmmmm....I wish I had stuck to this plan. When we got into Florence we had our own Contiki section of the popular karaoke bar along with another Contiki group that we hadn't met before. The bar staff came around to the tables to take orders and there was a huge list of cocktail jugs that were quite cheap to order. Rachael and I started off with a bottle of wine as we usually did and then moved onto the cocktails. They came out with enormous straws which was so fun to drink out of and some people got beers which they lit like a fire cracker as well. Everyone was in a good mood and people started to get up and sing. Mia our tour guide kicked our group off with 'All the Small things' and she rocked it!Mia sure knows how to party and it amazed me how she remained so full of beans and professional the next day after her big nights out. Lots of people got up that night and then after loads of cocktails and fun Jess and I decided we would sing 'RESPECT' by Aretha Franklin....We flirted with the old Italian security guard and managed to push in front of the line of people to sing. Geez that song was so hard to sing, we knew hardly any words and we sounded terrible!Lucky everyone was singing along to drown us out lol
Our table at the Karaoke bar in Florence

Me and the cute Singapore girls (Elaine, Eadaline, Me, Rachel and Charmaine)
Me and Rachael downing the cocktail jugs

Me and my most favourite and coolest Asians ever Ping and Daniel :)
Me and Jess singing RESPECT lol
Clubbing in Florence with Jessica:
After spending along time there we decided we wanted to take Taylor to a gay club. After walking along with the rest of the group for ages in the streets of Florence and not being able to communicate with them to find one we were at a loss. I was even pretending to bend Taylor over to communicate the 'gay' aspect of what I was trying to say ha The Italians were laughing at me but we were still out of luck. Everyone was keen to head back to the cabins but Jess and I were ready to party. We ran off drunk into the streets of Florence and asked the first person we saw where a mad club was. We ended up finding someone who lead us in the direction of a well known club called 'Slice'. We were the first ones in the club because apparently it didn't get packed until around 12pm. We lost the old guy that showed us where the club was after he creepily took photos of us and went straight to the bar. We sat there talking to these two black guys who shouted us shots and drinks to begin the night. We ended up having more drinks and then they whipped out their ear pieces and we found out they were actually security at the club.

They took us to a roped off VIP section of the club and we started dancing on the tables lol We were so excited. I've always wanted to be a female DJ (wannabe) and I was getting to know the DJ who let me put his headphones on and pretend I was mixing it up which was so fun! We mingled with the Italian VIP crowd and danced crazily until the early hours of that morning. It was usually Jess, Tamara and I that were the last ones from Contiki at the club whenever we had a big night. I loved partying with these crazy girls and we always had so much fun dancing all night whenever we went out. Jess and I left the club and headed to try and find a taxi. We ended up running into these two American guys who piggy backed us around trying to find a cab. I ended up pashing one of them and they offered for us to come back and have a spa at their hostel. Stupidly we said yes and decided it sounded like fun when we were drunk at the time. When we got back to their hostel we decided we didn't want to be there anymore and while they were getting changed we planned to run out and leave them. We didn't have any swimmers and I was way to drunk to be in this situation...They ended up getting the last laugh in the end as when I woke up in the morning I had 200 Euro missing from my wallet!The must have been broke whilst travelling and taken it out somewhere along the night while I was to drunk to notice!That definitely made me be alot more cautious and careful with my bag and money along the way whilst travelling through Europe. I'm goofy sometimes you don't have to tell me (My family...) I know lol

We ended up getting a taxi home and because Jess and I were so drunk we thought that the taxi man had ripped us off and we said we weren't going to pay. He started yelling at us and telling us he would drive us back to where we came from if we didn't and we started getting scared ha Jess said I was yelling at him and we threw him the money and ran off into the camping grounds. I remember screaming but laughing at the same time running because we thought that he was chasing us into the woods. We somehow made it back to our cabin and passed out at about 6am!Very crazy but fun night!
Me and the Italian DJ at Slice
Jess and I at the Club with the security guards we met
Love The Drunken Goofy Italian Clubbing Backpacker

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