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Florence Day Two

Ciao Bella people (Hello beautiful people),

So after a huge first night in Florence Jess woke me up loudly saying we had 10 minutes to get ready and catch the Contiki coach (8am) into town for a massive second day of site seeing. I didn't have time to have a shower, put any make up on or do my hair but I didn't care because Jess and I woke up still drunk from the night before!baahaaa We we so happy and started singing songs from the night before such as 'Big Booty Bitches' and 'Loca People-Sak Noel (All day, all night....What the F#ck)'. I couldn't have been happier heading on the bus into town with Jess sitting beside me. Everyone around us must have thought we were crazy being so hyped up in the morning and as we were on another level!lol

Leather Demonstration:
We headed into Florence for a Leather Demonstration where we learnt all about the making of leather and how to tell if it was fake or authentic. I wasn't all that interested seeing I was still drunk but Jess and I laughed our way through the demonstration lol I remember some people wanting to buy Italian leather handbags for their parents and Holly taking ages to buy items in the store whilst the whole group waited for her to spend up on her mothers credit card ha Tara along with alot of other girls bought 'puzzle' rings which were cool but very difficult to put together. Porfirio was a master at these rings as he'd had one for years and could piece them together without looking behind his back in a matter of minutes! 
Leather Demonstration
Guided Walking Tour:
After the leather demonstration we had our included walking tour of Florence were we got to walk around the centre of town (much like sheep following a shepherd) whilst listening to facts and historical information. I started feeling pretty seedy and the hungover was definitely kicking in :( Everyone was a little bored as the lady's voice was quite annoying and so was she. I did however like seeing the 'Piazza della Singnoria' which was the main square in Florence. We got to see the copy/look alike sculpture of Michelangelo's David in this square also which was cool. There were so many beautiful sculptures in this square that were huge and had so much detail. It's amazing how they were created hundreds of years ago by now, extremely famous artists/sculptors.

We saw the Duomo (Basilica di Santa Maria del Flore)- A symphony of Renaissance architecture in white, pink and green marble. The Duomo was completed in 1496 and topped with Brunelleschi's colossal dome. We also saw Giot's Bell Tower (Campanile)- which sits adjacent to the Dumo and towers up nearly 85m. Another Renaissance masterpiece and the bell tower was designed by Giotto. Made from the same pink, white and green marble it can also be climbed and has great views of Florence and the surrounding hills from the top. The lady took us to the Ponte Vecchio- A 700 year old bridge which is the most famous in Florence. For the last 500 years has been renowned for it's gold and silver shops which were nearby and quite expensive to buy from. It was still nice to wonder past and window shop though.
The Duomo and Giot's Bell Tower in Florence
One of the many sculptures around the centre of Florence-The famous Donatello

Me in the Piazza della Singnoria

Copy of Michelangelo's-David

There were lots of human statues in the main square and I remember going up and paying money for one that looked like Cupid. They stay very still until you put money into the box and after I did he grabbed me and kissed me on the cheek!I was a little startled and ran off after the photo lol After the walking tour we decided to go and have something to eat. Mia had told us about the world famous 'Florentine' steak and we were keen to try some for an early lunch. I was so hungover and felt like I was going to vomit I needed something in my belly and fast! While we waited for our lunch to be served I even fell asleep with my arms holding my head up at the table, which the girls though was quite funny!lol I enjoyed eating the Florentine steak but also loved the deep fried zucchini flowers that were served as a side dish.
Cupid-The Human Statue grabbing me

These Human Statues were amazing!
Me falling asleep (so hungover) at the restaurant in Florence!

Our Florentine Steak mmm

Florentine Steak (Bistecca alla Fiorentina)
A favourite of Tuscan cuisine the bistecca alla fiorentina 'beefsteak Florentine style' consists of a T-bone or porterhouse steak (1.5kg) , grilled over a wood or charcoal fire, and seasoned with salt and, sometimes, black pepper and olive oil. Thickly cut and very large, steaks are often shared between two or more people. Bistecca is invariably served very rare, sometimes garnished with lemon wedges if not accompanied by red wine.

After our beautiful lunch with the girls I decided I had seen and done enough for that day and along with Rachael chose to catch a cab back to the campsite. We walked around for about an hour before realising it was very difficult to hail a cab and we decided to go into a hotel and call one. We were saturated and sick of Gypsy's asking us did we want to buy poncho's (when I already had one on) so Rachael walked into a very flash hotel dripping wet to ask could they call us a cab. So funny!

We eventually got one and headed home for a shower and quick power nap before our Tuscan dinner and Contiki group photo that night. I remember defrosting in the shower and washing my hair for only the second time since beginning travelling 3 weeks ago. I was feeling nice and warm after my shower and it felt so good to have clean hair. I had about an hours sleep before I went down to the communal bathrooms to straighten my hair for that night.

That night we travelled up the Piazzale Michelangelo which had a hill top view over the city of Florence and also was hosting the Italian MTV music awards there at the same location that night. We all posed quite quickly after arriving and were greeted by a random lady who snapped our group photo. It was so pretty seeing the view of Florence from up on the hill and I was always remember the faces of Contiki from this group photo which I sent back to Australia.
Me at the Piazzale Michelangelo

Our girls group along with Brie, Kailtlyn and Emily overlooking Florence

Amazing View from the Piazzale Michelangelo

Me and my Contiki bestie Rachael
Tuscan Dinner:
After our group photo we travelled back into the city centre and walked through the small streets to our Italian restaurant. This is the night we had our Tuscan included Contiki dinner which was delicious and fun to eat with the rest of our group. They served us many Italian dishes and courses at that dinner that night which included: Bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, spaghetti bolognese, pesto pasta, spinach and cheese ravioli and triple layered cake). Some of the Italian waiters were old and had strong Italian accents which defiantly reassured us if we had forgotten that we were in Italia. They served us our dishes in the one huge bowl that we then passed around the table after taking our servings to the person next to us. We were feasting full Italian style this night and it was so nice to be sharing this moment in Italy with my girls and Taylor. At the end of dinner the waiter came around with a huge tray of shots and we all said SALUTE! (cheers) before shooting them down.
Tamara serving up yummy food at our Tuscan dinner
Space Electronic Discotheque:
It was then onto 'Space Electronic Discoteque' with the rest of the Contiki group to party. I was so excited to go party in this club as I'd seen the 'Jersey Shore' people party here on tv when they were here in Florence. We were each given a drink card which got stamped every time we bought a drink and they made you pay at the end of the night which was handy. Jess ended up walking out past the security guard and got her drinks for free that night, must have been her boobs!lol We all sat on the downstairs level for starting drinks that night and then Jess, Tamara, Tara, Rachael, Sharni and I moved onto the shots!It was nice sitting and drinking with Kaitlyn (a beautiful girl from Canada) and the stunning Perth girls (Bec, Rosie and Sascha) as we had got to know them alot more since beginning the trip.

We moved upstairs and everyone was quite drunk including me as usual. I loved the house and R&B music that was playing whilst mingling with our Contiki Family!We were dancing on platforms and having a great time. This was also the night that Sharni and Steven pashed too ha Romantic guys :)) Some of the girls were going up and dancing behind the DJ and once again thought I'd go up and ask if I could pretend I was a DJ lol The guy was so nice and we even got our photo taken with a written message that went up on the club screen which was cool. I even got to MC on the microphone which I loved...I was trying to be like my friend MC DEEKAY who hosts at clubs in Kings Cross and started telling everyone to get their hand up!lol Everyone was clapping and it was so much fun!New career path guys baahaaaaa As usual Jess, Tamara and this time Sharni were the last ones from Contiki at the club!After a fun night we all caught a taxi home and this is where (seriously-which has hardly ever happens) my memory starts to go blank.......

Rachael, Me, Tamara and Tara at Space 

Me and Tamara getting on the club screens at Space Disco

Jess, Tamara and Tara clubbing in Florence

Me and the Italian DJ

Drinks (downstrairs level) at Space

MC-ing at Space lol

Me and Jess getting crazy at Space

Me, Sharni and Bec (Stunning Perth girl)
Stealing food and 200 Euro worth of fun:
The girls told me and this is purely a recount from them...that we went into the Contiki village shop and bought some slices of pizza. Tamara stole something from the shop so I thought it was a good idea to steal a huge packet of chips and run as quickly as I could out of the store. We ran in the rain up to where the communal bathrooms were and whilst laughing and eating the chips we stole. I then threw a bin over the edge of the cliff and after swinging it, barged Tamara over onto some hard cement washing space and then fell in myself baaahaaaa We were both in pain and had huge bruises for days after this happened. Tamara had scabs all up her back and she again reminded me that she will never forget me due to hurting her once again. I then thought I'd go lay in Hamed's bed as we hadn't hooked up in a few days and wait for him. Then I passed out. While I was passed out Tamara and Tara were talking to him outside somewhere and he must of been saying some things whilst drunk that the girls (who claimed they were the new Ashleigh and Sally-My sisters) weren't impressed with. They said they came and tried to wake me up and get me out of the bed like sisters do. They told me I had vomited in the bed and had to get out ha ha Once they got me out of the bed they poured Taylor's Rose (wine) and water all over his bed and the spare one next to it as well to get him back apparently!These girls I've learnt know how to have your back and are people you can count on to get someone back if needed lol We ran back to our cabin and decided to have sister sleepovers and pushed the two single beds together. We apparently had deep and meaningful conversations into the early hours of that morning and established that we were Contiki sisters on the trip before passing out together.

The next day wasn't so funny as after getting our bags to coach at an early hour Mia, who was being spoken to by the on site Contiki representative, called Room #? off the coach....Hamed and Taylor walked off the bus and we could see Hamed pointing to us three not looking to happy. Taylor got back on and said 'usually I would take the blame but when there is money invloved I won't'.....baahaaa Mia told us that the cost to replace the two wet matresses was going to be 200 Euro and we had to pay before we left!!All of us, including our friends who weren't even there' started getting out all the money we had from our wallets to threw in to pay the 'wet matress' fee. Jess and Tamara thought it was hilarious and well worth the money and called this the night 'we had 200 Euros worth of fun'.
Jess waking me up after passing out

Eating pizza before stealing chips

 Love The Passed Out Chip Stealing Backpacker

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