Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Venice Day One

Hey Everyone,
Me in Venice
After waking up with a huge headache and looking a little worse for wear from our night in Rome I had to get up and do dishy duty. It was good though because it got me out of bed earlier and ready for the bus trip into Venice. We had a fun coach trip and Mia played a game with us where we had to write a love letter to somebody on the bus anonymously. Everyone was busy writing their letters and deciding who they were going to give them to which was a great way to pass the time. I wrote mine to Mia saying how I hoped she found someone as beautiful as she was. Tamara wrote one to me saying how much she loved the memories we have had so far on the trip and all of the funny stories which usually ended up with me hurting her etc There were some actual secret admirer letters on the bus which was cute and their were also some made up ones detailing people hooking up and doing stupid things on the trip which was quite funny.

We travelled on through the stunning mountains of Italy onto a designer outlet mall in Barberino. Here we got to witness a pizza demonstration which I couldn't see because I was right at the back of the group....grrrr I am always the tall one amongst my group of friends back home but was one of the shorter girls in the group which made it hard to see this day ha We also got to have lunch here and I decided to fill my plate with Italian pasta dishes which were delicious. I sat with Ken, Sharni and Rachael to have lunch this day. Ken was a guy from Melbourne who always managed to find out if any of the places we visited on the trip had wi-fi. Towards the end of the trip nobody would even check if there was any we would just ask him lol He was such a nice guy and I had alot of respect for Ken on our trip around Europe. I am so glad I got to meet such a kind, sweet guy who was always interesting to talk to on the trip. Everyone looked around in the shops but I couldn't buy anything as I am travelling for so long. It almost killed me because I looooveee shopping back home and it is where most of my pay check goes besides towards my car payments most of the time ooopsss Anyway I was hungover so I just layed on one of the chairs outside the shops with Tamara, Jess and Chris (a guy from Lithgow).
Pizza Demonstration in Barberino
We arrived at 'Camping Fusina' (a short distance on a ferry from Venice) late in the afternoon. This campsite was huge and had many other tourists staying there as well. There were three Contiki groups at this campsite at one stage and we got to meet up with the Contiki group that we had been with in Rome again too. It again had a bar, restaurant, convenience store and washing facilities. I had only done one big wash since beginning Contiki and it was Day 13 so I though I better get to the washing machines before everyone else that afternoon. Jess and I did our washing and drying there that day and managed to get onto the wifi which was so slow to connect. After we did our washing we had a dinner with the other Contiki group where we had nachos and Salsa as well as Tuna and mayo dip for our entree. This was so yummy and we were eating our entree like we had never seen food before lol For our main meal we ate garlic bread and spaghetti bolognese and for desert we had cornettos mmmmm Poor Taylor couldn't have any because he is severely allergic to peanuts and has to carry his epi-pen everywhere with him :( Whenever I go to eat peanuts now it still reminds me of you Tay Tay.
The 3 Contiki coaches at the campsite
That night I felt like a was coming down with the flu. Lots of people on Contiki had already been sick and I was surprised I hadn't got sick sooner after drinking and socially smoking on most nights. I hadn't rang mum and dad since French Chateau and I really wanted to talk to them while I was in Venice. I thought it was perfect timing as I was having an early night and heading to bed. On Contiki we rarely had nights to relax so after managing to get some coins together I went to use the payphone. I couldn't get through the first few times because the phone box was really dodgy and I was getting frustrated. After finally getting through I got hold of mum and dad and almost felt like crying again as soon as they picked up because it was so good to hear their voices!!I talked about what I had been doing and told them I was excited to be in Venice and going on the Gondola rides tomorrow :) Towards the end of the conversation the money started running out really fast and because I was tired and loving talking to my dad I started crying. I was saying goodbye and then he started crying which was so sad...My dad never cries besides our 21st's during the speeches and when my beautiful nan and pop Pedron died :( I found it so hard to stop crying after saying a quick goodbye and after I hung up I bawled my eyes out until I got all the way to the bar where I saw my friends and they all cheered me up.

I  had a shower and went to bed that night. I deinately had the flu though because I woke up several times that night with body aches and sweats and couldn't stop coughing!That night I just wanted mum and dad to give me vix, lemonade with ice, a washer and make me feel better like they always do when I'm sick.

Love The Sooky Sick Backpacker

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