Sunday, 24 June 2012

Leaving The Royal National with a Bang :/

Hey Everyone,

So Contiki was over and I had a great last sleepover with my girls Jess, Tara and Tamara. This was the morning that Jess was leaving us to catch her flight back to Australia. I remember her waking us up that morning and we were all crying saying goodbye to her. She was such a beautiful girl and I couldn't believe it had come to the moment where she had to leave :( I gave her one last cuddle and remember her huge boobs pressing onto my chest as we cried and said goodbye for the last time.

Jessica was one of the coolest, funniest and most easy going girls I had ever met. She loved to party and I couldn't help but laugh at her hilarious stories and the blonde sayings she would come out with. Jess is one of those girls that if I had judged her off initial impressions I would have thought she was a big boobed, pretty, blonde bimbo. When I first really got to really know Jess in the French Wine Region I realised how totally wrong I was. I found Jess very attractive (not in a lesbian way) because she seemed to have it all-amazing body, boobs and a fantastic personality. Besides Jess's looks and great body she was also a very successful account manager for News Corp in Newcastle where she worked on some huge advertising accounts. She was also a pole dancer and a personal trainer which was so interesting and was a sister to around 8 brothers and sisters back home (huge family!). Jess and I became really close after having many deep and meaningful chats about our lives and experiences we had been through during the 25 days we were together. We knew how to have fun and also have some really interesting chats on the bus and learnt to love her like a sister along the way. It would always be the two of us usually along with Tamara that would be the ones that loved to party into the early hours and I had so much fun watching Jess dance up a storm every night we went out on Contiki. She talked even faster than I do which was a shock because I speak extremely fast or so I've been told and she had some funny sayings such as 'just saying' and 'just kidding' which she added at the end of almost every sentence lol I loved this fun loving girl from Terrigal and I can not wait to catch up with her when I get back home!Love you always my little pocket rocket xx
Jess from Terrigal

Jessica cutting sick dancing on chairs in Vienna
We went back to sleep and when we fully woke up Rachael was still with her mystery man and Sharni had checked out of her room and had come to store her luggage in the girls room until she had to leave for her flight that night. Tara and Tamara got their washing all ready to take to the laundry mat and they decided to do some sight seeing of London as they only had a couple of days left before heading off on their Greek Island Contiki tour. I got ready and decided to go and post my package of souvenirs and presents home to mum and dad in Australia. Postage in London to send back home to Australia is sooo expensive but I was so excited to be sending them some of the things I had bought for them in Europe home. When I got back to the hotel the girls room card they had left with me wouldn't open the door. I called from the cleaners phone down to reception and a tall important looking man came to help me out. He wanted to know if I had a slip to prove that I was staying in the room and I started to panic. I told him it was inside and as soon as he opened the door he saw how much luggage there was and immediately asked who it belonged to. I tried to say we were all just keeping it there until we left for our flights and he got straight on the phone to someone to someone in reception. He seemed very unimpressed as did the mean looking lady that came to the room that day too. They both told me I couldn't take anything from the room as the room wasn't in my name and the lady starting checking name tags on the bags after hearing my cover up story to see if I was telling the truth. I was shitting myself as she was throwing around threats like I'd have to pay for the room and the girls were going to get kicked out. She blocked me in the room and was being such a bitch about not letting me move until I made it clear that I wasn't going to run off and she let me sit outside in the hotel hallway.

She called the Contiki basement that was located at the Royal National and we both waited in silence for the Contiki rep lady to show up. When she arrived she was Australian and was really reasonable about everything. She asked me why there were so many bags in the room and tried to settle the British lady who turned out to be the hotel manger down while she asked me if I could prove that the backpack was mine. I ended up walking down to the Contiki basement and on the way the girl was saying this happens all the time and we were just unlucky we got caught. I called the girls and they all came to the basement after they had finished site seeing. The hotel manager wanted to speak with Tara and Tamara and it ended up she was making empty threats as she couldn't prove we had all stayed there and let them stay. Thank god!

We said goodbye to Sharni that afternoon too which was also really sad!I remember cuddling her and while I was crying she was saying 'it's not goodbye forever it's goodbye for now' she was so strong and I hugged her really tight before saying goodbye for the last time in London. Sharni was a girl who was beautiful on the inside and out from Perth. This was the first trip overseas for Sharni and I loved how she had decided to be brave enough to travel alone. She was always there for me on the trip if we needed each other and was one of the first people I had met on Contiki besides Rachael so I loved her from the start. Sharni had such a beautiful soul and always saw the best in people. I loved how she was always there to give her opinion and told us when we were getting too bitchy ha She liked to be friends with everyone and get to know as many people as she could. She was young and innocent and I loved how Sharni was so different to me but we got along so well. She could be crazy and funny when she was drunk and we had so many laughs together throughout Contiki. Sharni was so reliable and always had everything anyone needed and I can't wait to come to Perth and see you in Perth when I get back home!!Love you babe xx
My beautiful Sharni
Back to our room dilemma.....Rachael who was staying on to live in London post Contiki was going to stay with Tara and Tamara while she found somewhere to live and was now in a tough position because she had nowhere to stay. I decided we would have some dinner with the girls at the hotel and then we booked a cheap hostel near Hyde Park for the night. We caught a black cab to the hostel and it was smelly and gross and we ended up sharing a room with 5 other women. Two Italian girls, a French girl and a homeless lady!The showers didn't have hot water and the beds felt like they were disgusting and dirty so lucky we had our sleeping bags that night lol We were tired so we decided to get an early night in the hostel before I went to our friends houses the next day (Holly Whitetely's /Laura's).

Love The Hostel Hating Backpacker

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