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Barcelona Day One

Hola (Hello in Spanish) everyone,

So leaving France and heading on route to Barcelona Mia and Porfirio decided to take us to a cool place in France called 'Avignon'. Avignon is the capital of the Vaucluse department, Avignon stands on the left bank of the River Rhone in the south of France. It is known as 'the City of the Popes' and was a major papal city. Mia walked us into the main centre of Avignon and at the end of the square overlooked by the Palais des Papes is the Petit Palais, where the Pope and his entourage lived before the palace was built.

There were mass workers rights demonstrations being held in the streets that day and it was very noisy and crowded. We stopped and had a bite to eat at a small little pizza restaurant where we ordered from a menu we could barely understand and hoped for the best. Taylor was so amused when he read that one of the toppings on his pizza was 'rape'. We were like what the hell is that? When his pizza came out and had a huge uncooked egg in the centre we thought that's what it may have been....The pizza actually looked like it had been raped gross ha We couldn't stop laughing!

After Avignon and on the way to Barcelona in Spain we also had a quick little stop at Arles where we got to see the real life asylum where Vincent Van Gogh painted the 'The Asylum Garden'. Sooo cool I felt like I was actually in the painting!lol

Exploring Avignon outside the former house of the Pope

Standing in the real life Asylum that Vincent Van Gogh painted 'The Asylum Garden'

Van Gogh's painting of 'The Asylum Garden'

We had a long drive through the jagged Pyrenees mountains to get over the boarder and into Spain. Whenever we entered a new country on Contiki we didn't have to show our passports to the immigration boarder patrol officers. Porfirio the amazing coach driver usually got out and spoke one of his many known languages and organised to get us through without any hassles. We had many 'Services' stops on our trips around Europe and I'm telling you Australia needs to upgrade it's service stations!The ones in Europe are crazy!They are huge and have everything you could ever want to buy in the one massive area. They usually had more than one place to eat and had everything from snacks, souvenirs, toys, alcohol to main meals. I don't know how much money all of us spent on snacks and food at our 'Services' stops but they were sooo good!However looking at my waistline....actually who am I kidding my whole body, I should have eased up a little on the Pringles, Lollies, Pizzas, Cakes, Ice-Creams and everything else I ate whilst eating at our stops around Europe.

Just some of the many things you could have bought at the 'Services' stops in Spain (Sombreros and bouquets of Chupa Chups). Did you know that Chupa Chups are from Spain???

After our long Contiki coach ride we arrived in Barcelona one Europe's coolest cities which is always on the edge of art, design and cuisine. We had heard from Mia that it was a vibrant city filled with wonderful food and brilliant bars. We were going out in Barcelona that night with the Contiki group and decided to skip dinner so we could have extra time to get ready and look half decent for the night. In Barcelona I roomed with Jess, Rach and Sharni. The room was crazy messy as usual with Rachael's crap sprawled out all over the floor. I found out that Jess was neat with her bag and room just like me!yay lol Rachael was spraying fake tan all over her legs and the room was almost brown lol kidding Rach. She was also getting herself ready and doing Tamara's hair as she was quite the little hair stylist on the trip. She always had her hair looking beautiful whenever she got dolled up. We all got ready using the one mirror in our room and all headed down to catch taxi's into Barcelona where we would be partying. There were riots taking place somewhere we were meant to be catching the 'metro' (underground trains) so we had to split the trip through the city into taxis and trains. There were police (policia) everywhere with guns and batons and funny hats.

Tamara, Me, Jess and Rachael in Barcelona City

Drinking Sangria

Sipping on Sangrai with the crew on the pub crawl

We had a fun night hopping from one pub to the other with Contiki people and many body shots were done on the bars of these places. I remember Tamara just cheering everyone on and doing so many body shots off peoples stomaches!She was getting crazy lol We drank Sangria which was a traditional Spanish drink that came about in Spain through many late nights of drinking red wine. After a night on the grog the Spanish used to mix all of their left over wine into a punch using fruit therefore creating the deliciously tasty drink we now know as Sangria! We meet lots of locals and then headed to a club right on the beach of Barcelona. I was quite drunk and walked ahead with Kanishk (the Canadian Indian such a nice guy) Sharni and Tara and many other Contiki people. Mia talked to the security guards and we had pre-organised entry tickets so we went straight in. It was so packed and I was excited to be clubbing in Barcelona.

Crazy Taylor, Me and Rach in Barcelona
Me and Tara on the way to the Barcelona Clubs

Pub crawling it!

Sangria with Mumma Mia our tour guide

We were dancing on stages and having an amazing time. In Spain as in many parts of Europe they 'free pour' your alcohol so this means they don't use any shot glasses to measure the amount of alcohol they are putting into your drinks. I loved this but having most of my glasses full of vodka and very little cranberry juice/red bull I was pretty wasted. As I usually do at home I started mingling with people I didn't know from so many other parts of the world and lots of locals. I started dancing and chatting to a big roid muncher that could barely understand me or speak English and ended up hooking up with him on the dance floor ha He was actually being nice considering he spoke Spanish and I couldn't understand a word he was saying baahaa Anyway I left him after he wanted me to go to another club with him and his friends and I tried to look for people I knew. I always seem to make friends when I'm out and through smoking and chatting just like my mother does lol

I suddenly realised that I couldn't see anyone I knew and I was walking through the club lost.Loser!I went out the front to catch a taxi in the early hours of the morning and ran into Hamed,Steven,Jackie,Simone and Alex. Thank god!They were all catching taxi's home and I wanted to keep clubbing. As usual I don't know when to go home and tried to get Alex,Hamed and Steven into the next club with me lol I was allowed in but like many other clubs in Australia they said Steven wasn't dressed up enough and couldn't get in. Apparently this was one of the more exclusive clubs in Barcelona. We didn't want to leave Steven and I wasn't going in alone so we jumped into a cab home. We could hardly communicate with the taxi driver and we were drunk so it was funny but he had no idea where we wanted to go. Thank god it came up that Hamed was Persian and the other guy could speak the same language!yay We were on the right way home :) We were dancing and singing songs in the cab that night which was pretty funny. And I fell in love with my brother Steven the beer drinking party animal from Coffs Harbour this night!

When we got back the Centre Esplai where we were staying we were paying for the taxi and my girls the drunk bitches came running up to me and I was like where the hell were you all night???lol Tamara couldn't walk and was vomiting up so much. I knew I had to look after her and along with the other girls we carried her up the stairs whilst her eyes were rolling back in her head and vomiting all over the place and into our room. She was laughing and saying she loved us and the usual drunk talk ha I went and got her pj's from her room and brought them into her to find that she was in the shower with Rachael. They were spraying water everywhere and laughing so funny!After talking to them and making sure she was ok I put the pyjamas on my bed and went and stayed in Hamed's room for most of the night. The next day we found out that they dragged poor Kanishk into the shower with them and Jess (who has the best boobs I've ever seen!Can't believe so hasn't had a boob job it still amazes all of us girls) joined in the fun too No sex involved only drunken fun but there are some funny stories and pictures from that night in Barcelona :P

Adios Love the Sangria Pashing Senorita

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