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Ciao Everyone from Italy,
Me and the famous 'pushing' shot
From the French Riviera we travelled along into the country that I had been looking forward to the most Italy!I had always loved Italian food and was super excited about heading to Florence after seeing episodes of Jersey Shore in Florence!lol Take it or leave it but I love that show.

Crossing the boarder and travelling into Italy I learnt alot as I always did from Mia's talks about this amazing country. I found out that Italy is a very mountainous country with over 75% of it's area being covered with them It is famous for it's many things such Italian fashion, leather and Maserati cars are produced here. It is also famous for it's artists such as Da Vinci and Michelangelo and in Florence their Florentine steak. Italy has a very old population and is known for their huge family meals and foods such as Pizza, Gelati and pasta.

One of our first services stops was at a service station that had hand made pizzas. What a great start to Italia! We got to see them making the pizza bases from the dough and put them into a wood fire to cook. The slices were huge and I was in heaven as I love Pizza!
Pizza at the Services stop (This was one slice!)

Pizza at the Services stop mmm
After our 'Services' stop we travelled on towards our next stop Pisa! Pisa is well known for the home of an architecturally gone wrong project 'The Leaning Tower of Pisa'. The Leaning Tower has a 4.2 metre lean to one side and is located in this smaller town in Italy with a population of around 90, 000. I had always seen people taking photos next to the famous tower which looked like they were pushing it over and was so excited to get my own photo next to it that day!  

We walked through the busy little area of Pisa amongst the bus loads of people to see the tower. As soon as we got off the bus I almost thought I was in Bali as there were fake designer bags, watches, glasses on every patch of spare space you could find. The Gypsy's as they call them in Europe are mainly all black men trying to sell you anything they can for any price if you are prepared to haggle with them. They were actually quite annoying and were very persistent. Mia gave us the task of seeing who could get the best and most unique picture next to the Leaning Tower and said she would have a surprise for the winner! Daniel from Singapore ended up winning the competition with an amazing photo of him high in the air with his feet pressed together and his hands in a praying pose, just like he was meditating. It was so good!I looked through my facebook photos and can't remember who took the picture to put it on this blog and show you but it was unreal!He won some Italian dick shaped pasta and a bottle of wine which of course made it all worth while lol

After getting our photos posing next to the tower and getting kicked off the grass by security we went to the nearest Gelati shop to eat some Italian ice-cream. I had a Kinder Surprise flavoured Gelati and we all sat in the sun whilst eating many different flavours which was heaven.
Me eating Gelati

Getting a group shot on the out of bounds grassed area before getting kicked off!lol

Me getting my Big Booty shot against the Leaning Tower

Me and the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Me and Emily next to Human Statues

Mascarade Masks originated in Italy

Me and the famous 'pushing' shot

Group shot

The Leaning Tower sticking up my butt!lol
Love the Leaning Tower Pushing Backpacker

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