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More of Vienna-Day Two

Hello (Hallo) from Vienna again everyone,
Rachael and I at The Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna
I decided to break day two of Vienna into two blogs as we did so much on Contiki and some of my blogs can be quite long once I add all of the photos. I also have been meaning to mention that all of the photos I took whilst in Europe are in my photo albums on facebook and I have put them  into albums of each city. I only include some photos in the blog that relate to what I am talking about but I have thousands more on my facebook so check them out when you are reading my blogs to get a better idea of what we got up to in each city.

Schonbrunn Palace (Schloss Shonbrunn):
After the schnaps museum we made a trip in the rain to Schonbrunn Palace-The Habsburgs' summer palace. This 17th century palace has1441 rooms, 500 acres of gardens and the worlds oldest zoo. We got to walk around and see many of the beautiful and enormous gardens at the palace while I tried to stop my umbrella from being blown away in the wind. Rachael and I even saw a cute little squirrel on our walk around the exquisite gardens.
A fountain at Schonbrunn Palace

Me jumping in the gardens of Schonbrunn Palace

So pretty

Struggling with the umbrella lol

Loving our walk around Schonbrunn Palace gardens

Schonbrunn Palace even had trains going around the enormous gardens
A Viennese dinner:
We drove out of the city to a small restaurant in the forests of Vienna. The drive was beautiful but secluded and profirio made jokes about leaving us in the woods somewhere and taking off with all of our Contiki money and the coach lol As soon as we arrived for our Viennese dinner we knew we were in for a good night. The staff were very helpful and funny as we walked in and sat down to order some drinks. That night we got to eat while a man played famous Austrian songs on the keyboard and we had many drinks to a song that made you say 'Cheers' which is Prost in German. We got to eat Viennese vegetable soup, the famously know wiener schnitzel and strudels for our meals. The two guys made the night very fun by making us get up and play cheeky games such as taking shots off each other in funny positions and Jess even had to race Holly (the only Kiwi to see who could blow a condom up the biggest in the quickest time. Jess was so good and for such a little girl she sure can blow a condom up very fast!lol Herman the Austrian man got me up and demonstrated how to do the Viennese Waltz was danced in front of the whole Contiki group which was a little embarrassing but fun at the same time. We all had to get up in groups and sing our National Anthems which was a little emotional. I loved hearing how respectful the Canadians, Porfirio (Portugal) and Eriko (Japan) were when they sang theirs. Eriko actually made me cry as she sang the Japanese anthem so beautifully and Porfirio was so proud and serious when he sang his as well(He even held his hand over his heart). The Aussies and the Americans were a little more cheerful and sang ours so loudly. 

Herman serving up our Viennese vegetable soup

Tamara and Rachael getting into their Wiener Schnitzel

Me and Daniel soing the Viennese Waltz

Me eating my Wiener Schnitzel

Me at the Viennese Dinner

Contiki does the Viennese Waltz

Me and Hermen demonstrating the Viennese Waltz

Aussies the National Anthem

Jackie,Simone,Sharni,Tara,Tamara,Rachael,Me and Jess at our Viennese dinner

Schnaps and WODKA baaahaa

Jess blowing up the condom

Austrians show us how to dance and sing in Vienna
Towards the end of the night Herman had become like a 'pop' figure to me after dancing like an older man would at a wedding or something and when I was leaving gave me some advice 'be careful of the big boys they only want one thing' baahaaaa so funny!On the way home we sang lots of songs and some people got up and danced in the aisles. Jess and Tamara were a little hypo and I was kind of tired after a lovely dinner. They started being annoying just like little sisters can be and again started pretending they were Ashleigh and Sally lol They did remind me a little of Ashleigh and Sally on the trip as my sisters back home can get in funny little hysterical moods sometimes and often annoy me!lol This usually happens on family holidays and I always say to mum and dad that they should of had another child so their would be an even number ha ha Annoying that night or not I got over it in two seconds as I loved those girls.

A crazy night at the Wombat Hostel:
When we got back to the hostel we had to pack our overnight bags as we were only staying in Munich which was our next city for one night. I decided to do that before we got drunk down at the hostel bar. That night we had so many drinks and shots and the music was loud which was so fun. The girls behind the bar were shooting water at people from a water pistol which was funny when it hit someone else but not so funny when it hit me as I have frizzy hair ha I had my first ever Jager bomb experience with Steven at the bar and I remember being so nervous about knocking 4 shots into the glasses in case they tipped over thr wrong way. Jess was dancing like a crazy women as usual and shakin it which was funny. Hamed was there and I hadn't seen him all day because he didn't go to the schnaps museum or the dinner. We hadn't spoken too much since Florence and I was keen to talk to him as he was looking kinda cute that night. We ended up flirting and hooking up while I was playing pool. We sorted out what happened in Florence and both established we were attracted to each other and had a connection. It was so nice to finally break the ice after those days of not talking as it can become quite awkward not talking to the person you've hooked up with and having to see them everyday on the coach/tour lol Me and the girls were dancing and drinking the cheap cocktails the bar was offering and Steven and I did more rounds of jager bombs which got us very drunk ha I had an awesome night and ended up paying for another room (17 Euro-so cheap!) for Hamed and I to spend the night in. It was so good to have a good talk and snuggle with our own privacy that night :) 

Jessica shakin it lol


My first Jager experience

Crazy Jessica dancin on chairs at the Wombat bar
Love The Wiener Schnitzel Eating Backpacker

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