Sunday, 24 June 2012

Leaving Rachael and heading to Holly's house

Hey Everyone,

Rachael and I woke up, had another cold shower and got out of the cheap hostel as quickly as we could. Rachael and I decided we would have our last breakfast together before heading our separate ways after Contiki. We knew we would definitely be catching up and hanging out as much as we could but we had been together every night for 27 days now and we didn't want the moment when we had to leave each other to come. Rachael and I became the closest and were besties on the trip. After only a short time of knowing each other Rach posted this on my wall which sums up how well she came to know me along the way.

Rachael's post: Well where do I start! You're an outgoing, gorgeous blonde bimbo from a small town, but boy do you have a big heart! You're not afraid of conflict and standing up for what you know is right, and that's one of the best qualities anyone can have. You love to party allll day and allll night but you are also awesome to sit down and have a D&M with. I love how everyday you're mentality is 'com...e on world, whatchya gunna throw in my direction this time,' and that even though you've been through heartbreak and turmoil, never, not ONCE do you let yourself be the victim. You take control of the situation and kick it in the nuts! I love how, like me, you make assumptions of people before you meet them, but you are always willing to still get to know them and be as friendly as possible. That's a very important trait. Your laugh and smile are completely unique and so cute, everyone knows when they've been funny if Karissa laughs! You're like the tick of approval! Haha
You love dressing up and looking a million dollars, but you also love your chow out time and being a couch potato, which I TOTALLY appreciate!!! You're so freaking generous, always have awesome advice and once you're friends with you, you know it's going to be a friendship for life...and I know that you will always have my back, even when you know I'm wrong hahaha.
I love MAH girrrrrrrrrlllllllllllllll
I wouldn't have you any other way xxxxx

Well Rachael I absolutely love you and I am so happy we met on the very first day of Contiki. I knew from the moment we met and sat together on the bus that we were going to be good friends on the trip and I felt so lucky to meet someone so cool straight off the bat. I love how free and comfortable you are with who you are and your body. You really don't care what girls you get your clothes off in front off and while I would still be in the bathroom getting changed you'd be walking around naked with fake tan on without a care in the world lol I love how you were so open with me from the start and I learnt so much about you in such a short space of time. We had so many talks over our favourite wine (Sav Blanc) and smokes, that were pretty heavy and I think we just got to really know each other through many of these conversations. I knew that if I told you something I could trust you with anything and you we were always there for each other on the trip no matter what. I don't know how many times I turned your iphone off after you'd fallen asleep with your headphones on whilst watching South Park. I loved how when you got drunk you used to put on your British Beatrice accent or sometimes have a Canadian one after hanging around Taylor for too long ha

I loved how you were protective of me and used to look out for me when we went out which reminds me of my best friend back home Brad. I loved how you and Hamed were so close which made it so fun to hang around with the both of you and you were always my wing man. I loved dancing it up with you in so many of the clubs all of over Europe and I also loved listening to your amazing voice when you sang a song either on your ipod or when we were getting ready to go out. It still spins me out how young you are (21 yrs old) because you so talented, mature and have experienced so many things in your short life it's incredible. You are so independent and aren't afraid to go out and get what you want in life. You aren't afraid to say what you think either and let everyone know when you don't agree with something. You can look so funky through the day and then know how to glam yourself up with gorgeous outfits with immaculate make up at night!I'm so glad it's the two of us that met on that first day of Contiki that are still here until the end in London and I am so lucky to have met someone as beautiful, trustworthy and honest as you. I will always be here for you no matter what and I know you will always be here for me too. We have already experienced so many amazing memories with each other but we still have plenty more to come. Love you my girl xxx 

That day we went to a Mediterranean restaurant for a Persian/English breakfast. We walked past it and decided to go in as Hamed had been talking his food up so much and we thought we would check it out. We loved it and it met his high expectations on Persian food for me.  After breakfast we travelled over in a cab to Holly's house in South West London. I was so glad to be heading to Holly's and be in a house that felt like a home for the next couple of days while I shared a bed with her. Holly and her house mates were at work that day but she had left a key out for me and let me know that another Australian girl called Rachel was also staying at her house and crashing on the couch. I did some much needed washing this day and relaxed with Rachael while she waited for her friend to come home from work in Shepard's Bush. This was the day we met the other Rachel after first seeing all of her luggage and belongings sprawled out in the lounge room ha She was so nice and easy to talk to from the moment we met and had been busy contacting agencies and trying to find an apartment to live in London. We have become really good friends since meeting on that first day and I'm so glad she is one of my friends here in London. Then it came time for Rachael to leave and go to her friends house in Shepards Bush which was a little sad but we knew we could only ever last a day or two without seeing each other. Rachael and I still always contact each other everyday and try to see each other every couple of days to hang out. I'm so lucky to have Rachael still here with me in London and even luckier to have the beautiful Holly and her flat mates for letting me stay in their house whilst I'm on my travels!
Lunch with Rach

Holly's Room

Rach and her English breakfast

My Persian breakfast mmm

Holly's kitchen/laundry

Holly's lounge room/Rachel's bed lol

Rachel's luggage lol

Holly's bed :)

Rach and I at lunch mmmm pizza!
Love The Bed Sharing Backpacker

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