Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Flying into IBIZA

Hola everyone,

So we checked out of the beautiful Lisbon Lounge at 5.30am after eating our free hostel breakfast and we all caught a cab to the airport. When I got to the check in counter the lady said that I had only paid for hand luggage and I had to go to another counter to make a further payment!I lined up where I thought she told me to go for around 20 minutes only to be redirected to another desk which really pissed me off. After walking around and asking people where I had to pay no one knew so I went back to the check in terminal and asked the lady again and she said "oh sorry it's under a different name now!"grrr I eventually found the desk, paid my excess baggage and then went back to the check in counter for the third time to get my bags approved and checked in, what a mission.

I didn't have to wait to long at the gate lounge before boarding as I had been stuffed around. Chloe and I sat together on the 1 hour and 40 minute flight which seemed to go really quickly. As soon as we landed in Ibiza the airport had banners and posters for clubs and promotional drinks and you could already tell we were on a party island which was cool. We caught a cab to the hostel as it worked out cheap with the four of us paying. We had no idea what location we were in or if the hostel we were going to was going to be any good which was a little worrying. When we arrived to the colourful hostel it was too early to check into our rooms so we went and had a late breakfast/lunch somewhere close to the hostel while we waited. It was a little hard to order as the lady only spoke Spanish and even though the menu was in English she found it hard to understand what we wanted which was quite annoying. 

When it was time to check into our room the guy at reception lead us to a room called 'India' which was of course decked out Indian style. It looked ok at first but after closely looking around I realised how filthy and cheap it looked. We thought we were staying in a four bedroom dorm but we soon found out we were in a 7 bedroom dorm with no air conditioning!! We were so tired after our early morning flight that we all crashed and had a sleep for about an hour to re-energise. After our little snooze we decided to go and check out the beach and try to work out what sort of area we were in. When we got to the main beach there were so many people there and a majority of them had the best bodies and were very attractive which was a little intimidating. Lots of the girls on the beach had fake boobs and many of the men looked they were on steroids and I got the feeling people in Ibiza were all about body image. We sun baked for a couple of hours and I also did some freestyle all the way out to a buoy and back to kill some time. The water at the beach was alot calmer and warmer than the water in Lagos as it had no waves. The men here were wearing lots of crazy fluro coloured budgie smugglers and there were loads of representatives from the clubs trying to sell us discounted wrist bands to come to their clubs that night.

After coming back from the beach we showered and got ready to go to dinner. The girls had found out from the guy at reception the names of a few nice restaurants to go to close to Ibiza town and he told us we were pretty close to the main area of Ibiza which was awesome!We ate at a really nice Indian restaurant called 'Ancient People' that night which coincidentally matched the theme of our room. We sat at a table but there were places to sit where you could cross our legs and eat traditional Indian style on pillows. I had a delicious Chicken Korma while the girls shared some dishes and some cheesy garlic naan bread which all looked so yummy.

That night we decided that we were going to on a trip to an island close to Ibiza called 'Formentera'. Formentera was recommended by some of Katie's friends who said it was a must see so we decided to stay in and have a quite night. I caught up on writing dot points in my iphone about what we had been up to over the past couple of days to make writing my blogs easier when I got back to London. We were rooming with three Canadian girls who were really nice and had travelled to so many of the same places we had and we talked about what they had done in Ibiza so far. They also told us all about Cancun and the 'Spring break' parties that happen over in Mexico each Summer which sounded amazing and it is definitely something I want to do some time in the near future. Once you start travelling its like you get the travel bug and just want to see and do as many things as you can. If money grew on trees I think I'd travel my whole life!lol

Love The Backpacker

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