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IBIZA Day three-David Guetta@Ushuaia

Hey everyone,

We woke up seedy from the night before after clubbing at Space so we didn't really do much on this day in the daylight. I remember feeling a little sorry for Georgia when she woke up as her eyes looked pretty swollen from crying the night before. Katie seemed to be a little cold towards her which was understandable after Georgia had spoke to her pretty nasty the night before. Chloe and Katie were heading down to breakfast and I didn't really want to leave Georgia in the room by herself because I would hate to have been left to feel like the odd one out. I stayed and chatted with her in the hostel room after the night before and asked if she was feeling ok. She started letting off a little bit of steam about Katie and I was comforting her and listening to what she had to say and also expressed some of the things that were niggling me about girls and this trip. It is really hard not to get frustrated by little things when you are travelling with a group as you pretty much spend every day with them. Things that wouldn't normally get to you in an everyday setting seem to be magnified by 100 when you spend every minute with girls and obviously we were all getting a little agitated with each other. I usually love being with my friends and family but on this trip I was literally going to bed and waking up with these girls which made me want some alone time. 

Later that night we all got ready and had pre-drinks on the balcony before heading to Ushuaia Beach Hotel to see David Guetta which we had bought tickets to for 70 Euro online. We caught a cab to the party area of Ibiza where Ushuaia was located. I was able to take in what it looked like as I wasn't nearly as drunk as the night before. There was a huge strip of bars and clubs and so many shops and food stalls which made this area extremely busy. When we got to the club we got into Ushuaia really quickly as we had already purchased tickets online which was so convenient. I thought we were going to an inside club and was so surprised when we walked into Ushuaia as it was an amazing outdoor venue. It felt like we were in a rich party location as there were people partying on balconies and around massive pools which had amazing blow up balls and floating objects. They had hot promoters which were dressed in over the top costumes who were parading around the beach club. Lots of people were dressed as if they were going to a festival, some people were dressed really glamorous and some people were dressed in hardly anything. I remember one lady with an amazing body posing for a man on their exclusive balcony, dressed only in a sequenced g-string and sparkling nipple tassels. There were people of all ages having the time of their lives and dancing to music which would set the scene for house music all over the world. There were adults around my parents age and older who looked like they had attended Ibiza every summer for the past however many years which was cool. I felt like a was in a dream, I mean how many people can acually say they partied in Ibiza?

I ran into a girl called Bonnie who I met in Dublin, Ireland and we caught up and danced with each other for awhile which was great. I remember being really close to the main stage when Nicky Romero was finishing up his set and getting all excited for David Guetta to come out. The lights on the stage went out and then music started and lights on the stage were flashing like crazy as we waited for David Guetta. When I spotted him on the decks I was so excited and happy to be seeing him live in Ibiza that I had tears in my eyes. He got the crowd going and expressed how happy he was to be 'home' in Ibiza playing for us this Summer. After awhile his backup dancers came out onto the stage dressed half naked and they all looked like supermodels. They hardly even had to dance they were so hot they bascially just stood there and posed in different positions. There were girls on high ropes dancing on stage and girls hanging from massive bunches of balloons over the crowd which was crazy. When his songs started really going off streamers, confetti and cold air were shot out from the main stage and into the crowd. There were also moments in his set where he would make the people of the left and right sides of the stage compete for who cheered the loudest which was fun. We only went to the bar twice this night, once at the beginning of the night and once during David Guettas set. The drinks were really expensive at Ushuaia as well (15 Euro) so I only had three drinks that night which wasn't too bad because they were free pour, but I still had the most amazing time ever. Georgia scored a drink off this older guy that was so wasted he dropped a wad of his 50 and 100 euro bills when he was about to pay, I can't say I wasn't tempted to grab a few and buy more drinks but of course I didn't lol After we got our drinks we kind of lost Katie and Georgia and Chloe and I went back into the crowd at the front of the main stage and had so much fun with just the two of us. I remember standing with Chloe at one point and we turned around and saw David Guetta signalling for everyone to get down until the music peaked and then when it did everyone jumped up in the air and went crazy!Chloe and I met some guys that we danced with and they helped us push and try and get people to walk through a different area in the crowd instead of in front of us ha

David Guetta was so amazing as he played his massive three hour set. Everyone in the crowd was so into it as were Chloe and I as we danced and jumped around for the whole three hours. By the end were so exhausted after dancing  for so long and having the best night that we decided to go straight back to the hostel in a cab as Ushuaia closed at 12pm. David Guetta was the highlight of my Ibiza trip and if you haven't been to Ibiza before I recommend staying at least one night at Ushuaia Beach Hotel to experience it for yourselves as it had amazing DJ's playing each night in an epic location.  
Promoters at Ushuaia

Ushuaia Beach Hotel

David Guetta

Ushuaia Beach Hotel

Ushuaia Beach Hotel

Ushuaia Beach Hotel

The man performing his 3 hour set!

The girls and I at Ushuaia Beach Hotel-David Guetta

One of the back up dancers getting it on lol

Loving David Guetta

David Guetta's back up dancers so hot!

Ushuaia Beach Hotel

He was amazing live!

The girls and I at 'Fuck me I'm famous' night at Ushuaia Beach Hotel

David Guetta on stage

Amazing Balloon acrobats at Ushuaia Beach Hotel

Club posters are everywhere in Ibiza

David Guettas back up dancers

David Guetta night at Ushuaia Beach Hotel

Chloe, Georgia and Katie heading to Ushuaia Beach Hotel

Amazing night at Ushuaia Beach Hotel

Nicky Romero

David Guetta killing it woo hoo

We were here on this night!Best night in Ibiza by far!
Back up dancers at David Guetta

Georgia loving David Guetta

Crazy man on stilts walking around the streets of Ibiza

Outside of Ushuaia Beach Hotel

Georgia going off ha

David Guetta being lead onstage

Our little crew at David Guetta ha Funny guys
Love The David Guetta Loving Backpacker

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