Monday, 13 August 2012

Lisbon And The Amazing Lisbon Lounge

Hello everyone,

I think I was still drunk when I woke up because I was cracking up laughing about the previous night and thought it was hilarious that I forgot to collect my washing from the laundry mat the day before. I had only been in bed for a couple of hours after clubbing the night before and was still buzzing as I packed my bags ready to head to the bus terminal with the girls to travel to Lisbon, Portugal's capital city. We called a cab and I sat in the front seat (with my backpack between my legs) with the driver who was super sleazy. We pulled over and get my washing on the way to the bus terminal. While I was waiting for the bus to arrive I started feeling sick and remember sitting on my bag thinking that this was going to be the longest bus ride ever because I was starting to feel hungover.

As soon as I got on the bus I tried to go straight to sleep so I wouldn't feel so sick. I remember waking up at one stage to a lady who was serving food and drinks on the coach and I was confused because it was like we were being served on an aeroplane. The coach was really nice and I pretty much slept for the rest of the trip which made it easier on my stomach. Chloe woke me up as we were arriving in Lisbon to admire the views from the window. The buildings looked amazing and the river, marina and huge statue of Jesus were a sight for sore eyes as we entered the capital. There were so many high rise buildings and beautiful houses which were pink, beige and brown in colour. I was already kicking myself that we were only staying here for one night before flying to Ibiza as I had already fallen in love with Lisbon.

We caught the metro from the bus terminal and my hangover had well and truly kicked in by this time!The girls claimed that the hostel was only a 2 or 3 minute walk from the metro station so I was looking forward to getting there and laying down but we came out a different exit to the one they were thinking of and seemed to be walking around aimlessly trying to find areas that looked familiar. It was so hot and I had two extra bags due to my washing so I felt like a packhorse as we walked around in the heat. I was hating life and knew that I was about to vomit and there was nowhere to spew but in the middle of the street. I let it go and watched it run down the street just as the traffic lights turned red and people were either looking at me in disgust or they were laughing and pointing, the vomitron strikes again!lol

We finally arrived at the hostel after what seemed like a lifetime but the wait was definitely worth it as the hostel was amazing!It was the best hostel I had stayed at in in the whole 3 months I had been travelling and it was so nice to stay in a hostel that actually felt like a hotel. I loved the decor and quirky designs of the 'Lisbon Lounge' and it was so clean and modern so I was in heaven!Our bedroom had two really large wooden bunk beds which made me feel like I was sleeping in a giants bed which was cool. The room had all the extras backpackers enjoy such as reading lights and pockets in the bed to protect your personal belongings while we slept. They had a Portuguese chef that came and cooked traditional meals in the hostel kitchen for 10 Euro which smelt delicious!Check out the website and see how amazing it looks if you have the time.

That day I slept and didn't have anything to eat all day because I felt so sick but when Katie mentioned heading to an all you can eat sushi bar for dinner I was so excited. The girls had been there before and said the restaurant was so good and had every type of sushi you could imagine. The streets of Lisbon were stunning and the Portuguese are such friendly people which added to the allure of Lisbon. We climbed so many stairs to get to the area where the sushi bar was located and by the time we got there I was super hungry. The sushi bar was amazing and I ate so much yummy food there that night including strawberry sushi!

When we got back to the hostel we paid for tickets to see David Guetta at an online Ibiza club site which was so exciting. That night we got a lovely guy at reception to print off our tickets and boarding passes for our flight which was handy. I uploaded photos that night and read my book in bed to make the most of my reading light before going to sleep in my comfy bed. I loved Lisbon and Portugal in general and it is definatly a country I want to explore more on my next European adventure. I layed in bed so excited about flying to Ibiza the following day as I had only ever dreamt of travelling to this party island but never thought I would have the opportunity to go.     
Beautiful Lisbon
Love The Lucky Backpacker

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