Friday, 10 August 2012

Last day in Madrid

Hola el chico and la chica (Hello boys and girls),

After a big night clubbing in Madrid we slept in until around midday at the hostel. When Chloe woke up she was so energetic and I think she was still drunk lol She was making me laugh and suggested we go back to get some more delicious tapas from the restaurant we went to the day before. I was glad she was there to make me get out of bed because when I am hungover I usually just lay around like a sloth and don't move far from my bed.

This time we ordered deep fried artichokes, tempura vegetables, ham and brie cheese, ham croquettes and potatoes bravos.We again ate way too much and felt so full that we again went back to our room and had a little snooze in the comfort of our air conditioner. Later that day we took the metro (train) to get our bus tickets to travel to Seville the next day, it cost around 20 Euros which was cheap for a 6.5 hour bus ride. We then went to another hostel which was associated with Cat's to use their free Internet and booked our accommodation in Seville which was called Oasis Backpackers. We were pretty excited after booking it because it had a rooftop pool and bar and looked really nice on the website.

After we got our accommodation and bus tickets sorted we came back to the hostel room to get all organised for leaving the next day. We chatted to our Australian room mates while we packed up our backpacks and I meticulously rolled all of my clothes to try and get them to fit! We caught up on facebook to see what everyone was doing back home and snacked on chips and all sorts of things out of the hostel vending machine while we complained about our weight lol We then went for a short walk to a kebab shop where we ate doner kebabs and falafel wraps for dinner!

Our last day in Madrid was a nice day spent eating and sleeping which was actually quite refreshing after being busy during our travels in Spain.
finding our way to the bus station on the Spanish Metro

Ceiling in our hostel

finding our way to the bus station on the Spanish Metro

Common room/entrance at Cat's hostel-Madrid

Our room minus two other bunk beds that you can't see in this picture in Madrid

Deep fried artichoke

Day 2 at the same amazing tapas restaurant in Madrid
Love The Lazy Backpacker

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