Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Last Day In IBIZA-Bora Bora

Hola everyone,

I got up early and returned the scooter to the shop down the road from our hostel and got my deposit back from the lady who looked surprised that it was still in the same condition as when she rented it to me lol I had breakfast with the girls which was first as I usually always slept in and then went and bought two Ibiza singlets, one for Ashleigh and one for Sally. I came back to the hostel room and started neatly rolling all of my clothes back into my backpack and getting all of my belongings organised to fly back to London the following day. The girls and I then chilled out and read some of our books in our room to fill in some time before we went into Bora Bora Beach.

We went and bought some vodka and redbull and some snacks and then went for a walk along the beach where we found a small little restaurant to grab some lunch. We ate tapas and pizza which was pretty average compared to all of the delicious food Chloe and I had eaten all around Spain. After lunch we caught a cab to Bora Bora beach, not the Bora Bora in Tahiti but the one in Ibiza. We walked onto the beach and there were people everywhere tanning, swimming, drinking and having fun. One of the girls suggested sitting on a cabana style bed under a huge umbrella until a guy told us it was going to cost 250 Euro for the day, this was obviously way out of our price range. We ended up getting beach chairs that were alot less pricey for 10 Euro each and began to tan. There were people everywhere and music was being pumped from the speakers around us so it wasn't the typical tanning day, more like a party vibe day. We were all chatting, drinking redbull and people watching as we layed out in the sun. The beach was full of people of all sizes and colours but everyone seemed so comfortable in their own skin and even the bigger girls embraced their curves which was refreshing. There were people off their heads dancing around on the beach and not just the young ones, the oldies looked like they were having a good time too. As I people watched I noticed there were lots of roid munchers and girls that had stick thin bodies everywhere and fake boobs seemed to be the new black.

Bora Bora was pretty cool as you could party, tan or even pay to go on biscuit and jet ski rides. There were no life guards on the beaches in Ibiza and it's a wonder that there aren't more drowning with the amount of drunk people swimming in the beach. Chloe and I decided that we had experienced enough of Bora Bora beach and were feeling a little sick after all of the redbull we had drunk, so we decided to go and get some dinner. Georgia wanted to stay and I think Katie was kind of torn between what she wanted to do but she ended up staying at the beach with Georgia. Chloe and I got a taxi back to the hostel to freshen up before heading down to the boardwalk for dinner. It was beautiful walking along the boardwalk and we looked at a few menus before deciding on a nice Italian restaurant which had a beautiful hostess. The sun was setting and it was so lovely to be sitting and sipping on wine as we waited for our meals. As we chatted I let Chloe know how I felt about everything that had happened the day before and she was really good to talk to and I felt alot better after our conversation at dinner. The view of the beach was beautiful, my lemon chicken was delicious and Chloe enjoyed her meal too which made our last meal in Ibiza special. 

When we got back to the hostel Katie was already back in the room and seemed a little upset as Georgia had said some nasty things to her once again after Katie had told her she didn't want to stay at the beach and party. I felt a little sorry for Katie having to put up with her selfishness every time she got drunk because true friends shouldn't treat each other like that. Georgia stayed downstairs for awhile before coming back to the room and putting her headphones in to watch a movie on her laptop. Katie, Chloe and I all hung out in the room and I talked to the Brazilian girls that were also staying in our room which was nice. That night the Brazilian girls were heading out to the club at 2am to go to a foam party at Amnesia so we found it hard to get to sleep as they got ready. I talked to them alot within the four days they stayed in our room and before they went out we exchanged facebook details and they told me I was welcome to go and stay with them in Rio de janeiro if I ever travel to Brazil! That night it was so hot and with no air conditioning I didn't get to sleep until around 4am, I had never felt so stressed out by not being able to get to sleep in my life! I woke up to Katie saying goodbye to Chloe and I thought it was nice that she gave me a cuddle before leaving too and I respected her for that.

Chloe and I got up early the next morning and got a cab to the airport in Ibiza and ate some breakfast as we waited for our plane to board. As we were walking to our gate I could hear girls yelling and as we turned around we saw these British girls screaming at each other and at one stage I thought they were going to punch on. They continued to fight in front of the whole airport which was a little embarrassing but I was grateful my trip with the girls didn't end this way. Chloe and I got the Gatwick express back to Victoria station, said our goodbyes and headed off in separate directions around London. I was looking forward to catching up with the girls (Holly, Georgie and Anna) at their house which was my home away from home in London.
Entrance into Bora Bora Beach
Walking to lunch before Bora Bora

Laying on the beach chairs at Bora Bora
Love The Backpacker

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