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IBIZA Day Four-Scooter Time

Hey Everyone,

This day was definitely the worst day of my whole travelling experience so far as I woke up to Chloe telling me that Georgia had told Katie the night before that I was bitching about her and said I pretty much hated her. I was furious and couldn't believe that Georgia was still acting like a bitchy teenager in high school. She somehow forgot to mention that she was the one doing the majority of the bitching but instead made up lies about what I had said. I never once said to her that I didn't like Katie let alone hate her! I was so hurt and betrayed that Georgia would do this to me after I was the only one that comforted her and talked to her to see if she was ok after everything that happened on the night she was drunk. She really showed her true colours on this day...

I had wanted to get a scooter to ride around on in Lagos but they were too expensive and as they were a little cheaper in Ibiza I thought I'd hire one and clear my head after everything that had been said. I was so tempted to confront Georgia but I knew it would only make things worse, I had two more days in Ibiza and I couldn't be bothered ending them with a cat fight. I had thought about telling Katie my side of the story so I had a chance to defend myself but I thought telling her what Georgia had said might just make things worse.
I left the hostel really upset as I walked to get my scooter as there was no way I was sticking around to pretend everything was ok with Georgia. I paid around 100 Euro deposit and 28 Euro for the hire of the actual scooter, signed some forms and was given some instructions on how to work the scooter. The lady looked a little nervous as I seemed scared about taking off and said to me if I wanted my deposit back I could get it then and there which didn't give me much confidence ha I was nervous about going on my own as I had only ever hired a scooter with an ex boyfriend of mine who had been on it with me to help me ride it but without a boyfriend I was now independent and on my own which was a little scary. I shakily rode the scooter out of the shop only to be beeped at by an on coming car because I was on the wrong side of the road. I was getting a little nervous as all I could think of was crashing and losing my 100 Euro deposit. I decided to get the hang of riding the scooter and using the breaks and indicators along some dirt paths before heading into town where the traffic would be busy. Oh god what had I got myself into!

As I rode along the quiet and secluded streets around the coast of Ibiza I wished I was travelling alone or with my real friends from back home. I couldn't help but think if I was travelling by myself I would have met so many more people and wouldn't have been so upset and feeling like an outcast like I was at that moment. It was one of the first times I had been in a group of people that I felt like I was the odd one out and I hated it. After trying to get the hang of the scooter I still felt like I was going to crash but persevered with it and decided to go and explore Ibiza town. I rode through the streets and amongst the traffic on the highway to a beach called 'Salinas'. I got a little lost on the way there and had to pull over to ask a Spanish lady for directions. I also had to ask a man if he could get my scooter to stand on its own as I got off it because I couldn't do it myself how embarrassing! I must have taken the main highway instead of the coastal route to the beach and found myself riding amongst cars that were speeding past me and beeping oppppsss I felt so scared as I was going pretty fast to attempt to keep up with the cars. It felt like the longest highway in the world at the time and felt like I could be knocked off at any minute.

Finally I made it to Salinas and parked my scooter which took me several goes as it was so heavy. I locked my personal belongings and helmet inside the seat and ventured down to the beach. I walked through the palm trees and sandy paths until I spotted the beach, it was so beautiful and reminded me a little of Formentera Island. There was a huge restaurant right near the water and there were people sun baking and relaxing everywhere. I had forgotten a towel as I was in a rush to get out of the hostel but I was happy to lay on the sand that day. I walked along the wet sand trying to look for a nice place to lay and tan and luckily found a beach chair to lay on. There weren't many people sitting around where I was which was actually nice and I tanned until I was sweaty before jumping into the amazing blue water. I again felt like I was in paradise as they beach was beautiful and it felt so surreal to be in Ibiza. I watched as club models walked along the edge of the beach in groups promoting their clubs (Pasha and Privilege) and also noticed that there were lots of people swimming in the nude including men and old couples!

I tanned and read my book in peace until I was asked to pay for the chair. I had left my money in the scooter and the guy didn't look to happy when I said I had no money so I got my things and walked off feeling a little embarrassed. I would have liked to have stayed longer but I got back onto my scooter and rode off to explore more of Ibiza. I ended up taking the right turn this time and headed back into town on a much less hectic road along the coast which was way less scary. I went and checked out the strip where all of the clubs were and noticed there were heaps of people still partying and having fun in the streets. There were club promoters everywhere selling tickets to certain theme nights with a majority of them for 'Carl Cox' night at Space. I parked the scooter again and got out and looked at an area called Bora Bora which is where there are lots of beach parties and DJ's playing right alongside the water. There were heaps of white chairs and umbrellas which made the beach look very luxurious. I left the party area of Ibiza and rode alongside the marina to get a closer look at Pasha Nightclub and the luxury cruise liners that were docked.

I went checked out Pasha and Ibiza merhandise stores which sold every type of music album there was to do with Ibiza that Summer which was cool. It was getting late and I was hungry so I decided to have a pizza and a banana smoothie at a cafe along the water while I wrote some blog dot points to make it easier to recall what I had done over the past few days. I didn't feel like going back to the hostel and seeing Georgia so I took my time relaxing, eating and having some more alone time. I scooted around a little more and by this stage I felt like a pro on the bike. I felt so free and I really enjoyed looking around Ibiza on my own, I saw so many things and was so glad I hired the scooter that day as I wouldn't have seen half of the things I did without it. I got lost on the way back to my hostel as I couldn't read the map and had no idea where I was but after about an hour I finally saw something familiar and headed straight back to the hostel. 

When I walked into the room Katie and Chloe were sleeping and Georgia was sitting on her computer on my bed as it had the most service. She asked how my day was and it took everything I had to speak politely back to her. I grabbed my towel and headed down to the beach that was close to where were staying. I didn't stay there for too long before heading back and having a shower because it had loads of seaweed and wasn't very deep at all. The girls asked me if I wanted to go back to the same Indian restaurant we had been to a couple of nights before but I said no. I couldn't imagine anything worse than sitting around at dinner pretending that everything was ok when I was feeling upset. I am not a fake person and what you she is what you get, I'm not afraid to give my opinion on something or hold back but in this situation I just removed myself. 

After the girls went to dinner I was laying in bed feeling really upset and alone and I think I even had a bit of a cry. I was texting my sisters to tell them what happened which made me feel abit better and Sally reminded me that she loved me and I only had one more day with them before I would be back in London. It was definitely the worst day of the whole trip for me so far :(
Privilege Models promoting their club along the beach
Bora Bora

Bora Bora White Beach chairs and umbrellas :)

Pasha promoting their hippy night

Pasha promoting their hippy night

Salinas Beach

Sandy path on the way into Salinas Beach

The beautiful Salinas beach

Bora Bora

Views from my coastal ride on the scooter

The amazing Salinas Beach

Ibiza Main Beach

Old couples embracing their bodies on the beach

Views from my coastal ride on the scooter
Love The Scooter Riding Backpacker

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