Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The arrival of Hudson Rodney Smith

Hello to all of my blog followers,

I always knew the moment Ashleigh told me she was pregnant that it was going to be an emotional and special day for me when my little niece/nephew was born. As I travelled around the world Ashleigh's baby bump was always on my mind, every time we Skyped each other I'd ask her to get up on the chair and show me how big her belly was getting. I was constantly wondering where I would be in Europe and how I would react when Ashleigh went into labour. I was in Ibiza as she was getting closer to her due date and I was praying that I wouldn't be drunk or asleep when she called me. I was constantly checking my phone to see if there were any missed calls or texts every time I came back from the beach or the clubs.

It all worked out perfectly in the end and it was like it was meant to be because the night I flew back into London Ashleigh sent me a text message at around 8.30pm UK time telling me that her water had broken and she had been having contractions!!I remember being so excited but scared for her at the same time and told the girls I was living with straight away as I couldn't stop thinking about it. Sally and I were going crazy text messaging each other because we were so excited about being Aunties for the first time. I remember asking Ashleigh if she was nervous and telling her she was going to be the best mother ever. I tried to send Nathan a message telling him how excited I was that he was going to be a father again and they were going to make the most beautiful parents but he doesn't have i message so it didn't go through. I also told him to look after my sister during her labour. I tried to stay up all night but couldn't keep my eyes open and after a very restless sleep that night I woke up to a text message from Ashleigh at about 2am saying that I was an Aunty to a beautiful baby boy called Hudson Rodney Smith (weighing 6 pound 10 and 46cm long). I started crying straight away and sent her a text asking what it felt like to be a mum and if their were any stories about the labour. She said she was still in shock and couldn't believe how quickly her labour went and she sounded so excited to be a mum.

I went back to sleep and woke up to a picture message of Hudson saying 'Hello Aunty Rissa' and he was absolutely beautiful, he had so much hair and looked so much like Ashleigh. I continued to cry tears of happiness and just wanted to be there with my family in Australia to share this extremely special moment with everyone. I couldn't stop looking through all of the pictures Ashleigh was sending me and immediately become one of those people that gets their photos out and shows people a picture of the new baby because he was so cute. I was so proud of my sister and brother in law Nathan on bringing such a beautiful baby boy into the world. I loved how they chose his middle name to be Rodney after my our dad and I knew that he was going to be surrounded by so much love from both families.

The next day Ashleigh and my family Skyped me while they were at the hospital and I talked to everyone whilst crying like a sook. Ashleigh looked so good for just giving birth and my dad looked so happy and proud as he held onto Hudson the whole time we spoke. I congratulated Nathan and he sounded ecstatic to have a new baby boy in his life. This is the first time my mum and dad have become grandparents and they looked over the moon about having a new little grandson in their lives. The day that Hudson was born was also the same day as the London Olympics Opening Ceremony so I thought it would be the perfect time to open up my bottle of schnaps that I bought in Vienna to celebrate as I had been saving it for a special occasion. Rachael and I had many drinks to celebrate the birth of Hudson in East London that night.

Before I left Australia I had bought Ashleigh's unborn baby the cutest little outfit from Pumpkin Patch. As the sex of the baby was a surprise I bought the safe grey and white coloured clothing set of striped pants, a striped top, beanie, booties and hand mittens. After Hudson was born I was so excited when Ashleigh told me that the present I bought was going to be Hudson's coming home outfit and it made me feel special in away since I couldn't be there.

Since Hudson or Huddy as Sally and I now call him because it sounds so cute was born Ashleigh keeps me informed about what  is up to and constantly sends me photos of his first moments in life. I save every picture Ashleigh and Sally send me and look at them all the time. Hudson is going to be a very clever baby as he already knows how to communicate on Skye through goos and gah sounds of course lol I talk to him like I would if I was there and I secretly hope he knows my voice when I get home!When I see him on Skype or watch the video messages my sister sends me I feel like I just want to pick him up snuggle him and give him big kisses. It's hard being away from my family at times like this but I know it won't be long until I see them all again and I know I will be one of the four aunties that spoils him with love and presents. Our family is already extremely close and I know that the birth of Hudson will only bring us even closer. Ashleigh and Nathan will make the most beautiful parents and I know Hudson will be showered in love and given the best life possible.

PS I know I am biased but Hudson would have to be the cutest baby I have ever seen and I can't wait to meet him when I come home in October!

The first picture Ashleigh sent me of my little nephew Hudson

Poppy Rod with baby Hudson

Ashleigh's world-Nathan, Hudson, Kimba and Heidi

Hudson looking neat in his outfit from Aunty Simone

Huddy on the play mat with Heidi looking over him

Hudson's first day in the world

Huddy sleeping on his little mat

My family with baby Hudson

Nathans family with baby Hudson

Nanny Annie with baby Hudson

Cracking open my schnaps from Vienna for the birth of my little nephew


My beautiful sister and Hudson

Ella and Hudson-Brother and Sister

Schnaps for you Hudson lol

Nanny and Poppy Pedron with Hudson

Welcome to the world drinks for Hudson

Mum and Dad with Hudson

Baby Hudson with his beanie from Kellsey

Going out for celebratory drinks for the birth of Hudson

All time favourite picture of Hudson-Coming home from hospital day in the outfit I bought him before I left

Alert little bubba

Nathan meeting Hudson for the first time

Hudson Rodney Smith

Hudson's first day at home

Cute little bunny rabbit

Hudson's first day in the world

Rachael and I celebrating the birth of Hudson

Cutest little man ever!

My stunning sister Ashleigh, her gorgeous fiance Nathan and their precious little bundle of joy Hudson
Love The Proudest Aunty In The World

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