Monday, 13 August 2012

Last Day In Lagos :(

Hello my little blog followers,

I woke up feeling fresh after not going out the night before so I decided to make the most of the day and the amazing weather. I had bought lots of souvenirs from all over Spain so I looked up the nearest post office on the map of Lagos and headed off to post all of my goodies home to Australia. I found the post office but was a little nervous when I was waiting to be served because everything was written in Portuguese and I wasn't sure if they would be able to speak English. When I got to the counter the lady was really helpful and could speak really really good English which was lucky and it ended up costing me 7.50 euro to post just under 2kilos which was extremely cheap compared to coast of postage in London. As I walked through the streets I loved how lots of older Portuguese men sat around and socialised with their friends in the streets, something you don't really see older people do much anymore in Australia.

I had a fair bit of dirty washing so I took my washing bag into a laundry mat and was told to come back at 6pm to collect it. After a productive morning on my last day in Lagos I went back and had breakfast upstairs in the hostel kitchen while I sat on the rooftop balcony and admired the view for the last time. When I went back down to the bedroom Katie and Georgia were still in bed sleeping and Chloe had only just returned from her Busabout boyfriends hotel where she spent every night in Lagos lol Lucky her!

While the girls slept I went and had a relaxing couple of hours of the beach. There were lots of families and older Portuguese people tanning and getting around in budgie smugglers and bikinis without a care in the world about what anyone thought. I tanned and read the book that Katie had given me to read which was starting to get interesting!I swam and enjoyed the alone time while I soaking up the sun for the last time in Lagos :(

After a couple of hours in the sun I decided to head back to the hostel and get ready for our kayaking adventure which was at 2pm. The girls were only just waking up when I returned and were feeling pretty seedy. The guy from the kayaking adventure tour company came to collect us from our hostel and walked us down to the beach to begin our tour. Chloe and I chose to go together and put our life jackets on ready to tackle kayaking for the first time. It was quite a good workout and worked our arms and lower back as we paddled along the coastline of Portugal. The grotto's were stunning and we got to see some beautiful secluded beaches along the way which was amazing. Chloe was feeling pretty seedy during the adventure due to being hungover and a bit of motion sickness. I laughed as she vomited around 15 times on the kayak, I was only counting because I was directly behind her and saw every single one. I was so glad it wasn't me vomiting for a change however, one of her voms smelt so bad I almost heaved when I got a wiff of it lol At one stage it got pretty hot so I decided to learn over the the left and wet my hair in the water, Chloe was in front of me so she couldn't see me learning to the side and vomited over the left hand side of the kayak as well causing us to capsize and fall into the water, Chloe falling right into her spew ha ha We were laughing so much and had to get the tour guide to help us turn over our kayak and get us back on which was hilarious.

We stopped half way on a secluded beach to rest while the tide went down. Chloe and I had some fun in the water taking pictures with my underwater camera and we stayed there on the beach for so long relaxing, tanning and listening to the waves that I feel asleep on the sand. On the way back to the lagoon beach in Lagos right towards the end we got separated from the rest of the group because we didn't stick close to the grotto's and got caught in a strong wind and found ourselves getting drawn out to sea. We should have stayed closer to the rocks but we didn't and it was so hard to get back to the shore. Chloe and I paddled so hard but seemed to be getting no where. Every time we stopped paddling the wind would pull us back to where we started and we were both getting a little worried we wouldn't make it back to shore. Eventually after a lot of hard paddling we made it back to shore and I now give sailors a lot credit because it was hard work!lol 

When we got home we all relaxed and chilled out after a massive day of kayaking. We were going out for dinner and clubbing for our last night in Lagos so I decided to straighten my hair which I hadn't done in about fours days which was a long time for me!lol That night we ate at a really nice Thai restaurant called Lemon Grass and we started with a mixed platter of satay skewers, fish cakes and pork ribs. For our mains we all ordered a different dish each so we were able to share them. We ordered egg rice, chicken and cashew, pan yang curry, beef and vegetable and the traditional pad Thai, all of the dishes were delicious and we all left feeling really satisfied. 

We drank on the balcony for the last time in Lagos that night and started playing drinking games with a bottle of vodka and some cards. That night we started at a bar called 'Inside out' which is famous in Lagos for it's cocktail fishbowls. The little bar was packed full of people dancing on tables, drinking cocktails from huge bowls and glowing in the neon lights. We drank and mingled with young travellers but after a while Katie started to feel sick so she decided to go home. Georgia ran into a guy she knew from home who worked at a place called Joe's Garage so we headed there for a drink and a dance before deciding to end the night at a club called, Grand Cafe.

All of the bars in Lagos were pretty small so when I walked into the Grand Cafe, a two storey club, I was surprised at how big it was. By this stage I was pretty drunk and was having fun dancing with Georgia while Chloe was shacked up once again with her Busabout boyfriend, Michael. I had the best night dancing at the club and loved the music, I even pashed a couple of guys but being the usual me ran off into the crowd to keep having a good night with the girls. We got back to our hostel room at about 6am and I was so tired I passed out on my bed after a great last night out in Lagos. Overall, I had an amazing time relaxing, beaching and soaking up the sun in Lagos and I would come back in a heartbeat!
Chloe kayaking through the grotto's in Lagos

Main beach in Lagos

Kayaking through the grotto's in Lagos

Georgia and Katie Kayaking through the grotto's in Lagos

Getting ready to go kayaking

Georgia ready to kayak

Kayaking through the grotto's in Lagos

Katie ready to kayak

Me on a secluded beach cove in Lagos

Chloe having a rest after vomiting lol

Chloe, Katie and I taking a break at a beach during kayaking

Lagos baby

Kayaking through the grotto's in Lagos

ha nerds

A relaxing morning at the beach.Loving life!

Chloe ready for kayaking

underwater camera fun ha

Kayaking adventure in Lagos

Inside out bar-Lagos

Best Thai :)

Our hostel room at Cloud 9  in Lagos

Georgia and I on our last night out

Georgia and Chloe

Grand Cafe Nightclub-Lagos

Out for dinner on our last nght in Lagos

Katie and our Thai starters
Love The Kayaking Backpacker

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