Monday, 6 August 2012

Madrid-Walking tour of the city and clubbing at Kapital


Chloe and I woke up a little earlier than usual to make sure we got to eat our free hostel breakfast of cereal, donuts and toast this morning. Cat's Hostel has free daily walking tours for its travellers which is really cool and we were excited about being lead around Madrid's capital city. The tour was quite busy and we had around 40 people on the walking tour to begin with which showed how popular they were. The tour guide was a Spanish lady who was full of energy who was very loud and liked to laugh alot which was fun.

We got to see lots of things on our 3 hour walking tour as we walked around in the 33 degree heat. I loved the buildings and I was surprised at the calmness of the city as I expected it to be alot busier and crowded. We got to go inside the oldest restaurant in Europe which had not been renovated since it's opening and still had the original wood fire oven they use to cook all of their food which was interesting. We got to see a beautiful cathedral which reminded me of ones you would see in Disneyland because of it's pale blue colour and Aladdin like domes at the top. We sat outside on the steps of the cathedral as we listened to the tour guide tell us about the palace which belonged to the royal family of Spain. We walked through the gardens surrounding the palace which were beautiful, had lots of of ponds and amazingly trimmed hedges. We also got to walk around areas which used to be where the city's old moats were to protect the city of Madrid thousands of years ago which was pretty cool.

After the tour we tipped the tour guide a couple of euro each and decided to go and get some lunch. We looked around at a few restaurants which were pretty pricey before finding a really nice looking one which had lots of people and seemed pretty cheap. Chloe looked a little distracted as we entered the outdoor area to find our seats as she had spotted a girl called Laura who she had met at the start of her Busabout travels in Paris. She also happened to be my bestie Rachael from Contiki's best friend from Newcastle!Small world!She seemed lovely and very charismatic as we talked to her about what she was doing in Madrid and where she was off to next.

We decided we felt like some wine so we ordered a bottle of moscato to sip on whilst we ordered some tapas. As usual with tapas I find it really hard to order as there always seem to be so many amazing choices on the menu. We ended up deciding the share and ordered: sirloin and brie cheese, pear and walnut salad and stuffed capsicum with mince amongst about three other dishes ha

After lunch we felt so stuffed and relaxed after our bottle of wine so we decided to go back to the hostel and have a siesta. When in Spain do as the Spanish do lol When we woke from around a three hour sleep we decided to go and get some mixers for our vodka as we were going on the hostel pub crawl which ended up at Madrid's biggest (7 level) mega club-Kapital. I was so excited as I love clubbing and had heard and read so many things about Madrid's nightlife. Chloe and I listened to music on my iphone in the communal girls bathroom at the hostel while we did our hair and make up. We then drank in our hostel room as we snacked on chips and chatted to the kiwi couple until about 11pm. The pub crawl didn't start until 11pm so we were a little tipsy when we went downstairs and into the hostel bar. We made friends straight away with some guys from Melbourne who were travelling together so we sat and drank with them for almost the whole time at the hostel bar before heading out.

We walked with a huge group of travellers from around three hostels until we arrived at our first club. It was a small little R&B/Shisha club that became so crowded I started to sweat gross lol It was so fun though and kind of reminded me of the Clubhouse back home with it's gansta music lol We were smoking on shisha pipes with the boys that we met and I was dancing with this funny Lebanese guy that was on the pub crawl. He was a bigger guy that reminded me of a friend back in Armidale which was weird but we had fun dancing to the songs that played as we both loved R&B!

After we parted for around an hour at the R&B club we ventured off into the streets of Madrid to head to Kapital. When we approached the 7 level mega club I noticed that the bouncers were dressed in suits and the hostest was wearing a really nice dress. I could tell this place had standards which was great and it looked very classy. Mega clubs and actually most clubs don't open until 1am in Madrid which is crazy but the Spanish do know how to party. Inside you couldn't pay for drinks over the bar you had to buy drink tickets at small booths which were situated in corners on each level at the club. The drinks were pretty expensive I think they were around 15 Euro each so I didn't actually drink much that night as I was now travelling on dad's money and didn't want to waste it! When we were dancing on the dance floor people starting cheering as the curtains on the stage went up and models/dancers were posing in seductive stances. They all had amazing bodies and flattering outfit. They all danced together for the opening song but from then on only two dancers remained on the stage/platforms at a time before rotating with the others throughout the night. They were so hot that I found myself staring at them as I danced as did many people around me.

Kapital was so cool it even had its own elevator that was attended by a man in a suit who pressed the number of the level you wanted to go to. I went to all of the levels that night with my new friends as Chloe had found a guy she was hooking up with from the pubcrawl. The top level was an open air outdoor smoking area which had fountains and really cool lounges and statues. I ended up dancing on the R&B level for awhile, surprise, surprise which was really fun until creepy men kept coming up to me and wanting to dance and I wasn't interested in hooking up. When I go clubbing I love to dance and have a good time with my friends so I moved back down to the main first level where they were playing house/techno music. Probably one of the coolest things about the club was when they let off blasts of oxygen as we were dancing. It kept the club so cool and felt like you were being attacked by huge rockets of cold air which was fun! Sally you would have loved it!lol

I ended up getting a cab home that night as my new heels were giving me grief and I'd had a great night. Clubbing in Madrid is def on another level and I can't wait to go back again one day!
Me infront of the Catedral de Santa María la Real de la Almudena

Me in Madrid

Me outside Europes oldest restaurant

Oxygen jets getting let off at Madrid's biggest nightclub-Kapital

Me clubbing in Madrid's biggest nightclub-Kapital

Me in the Plaza de la Villa

The Cathedral de Santa María la Real de la Almudena

Chloe in the Plaza de Oriente

Main plaza in Madrid where they celebrate on New Years Eve

Pretty palace gardens in Madrid

Clubbing floor guide at Kapital

Chloe and I in the Plaza de Oriente

Chloe and I enjoying our amazing tapas and wine in Madrid


Clubbing at Kapital

Plaza de Oriente

Me and Chloe walking through the Gardens of the Palarcio Real-Royal Palace

Amazing bodies of the Madrid Kapital Dancers

Gardens of the Palarcio Real-Royal Palace

Cute old Spanish locals chilling in Madrid

Palarcio Real-Royal Palace

Gardens of the Palarcio Real-Royal Palace

Palarcio Real-Royal Palace

Eating some more delicious tapas

Our crazy tour guide
Love The Madrid Clubbing Backpacker

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