Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wimbledon 2012

Hey everyone,

I had always dreamt about going to Wimbledon as I'd watched it on TV from when I was young, I never thought I'd actually be lucky enough to have the opportunity to go and watch it at the actual park. Rachel Cummings (my friend from Cronulla) is really into sport like I am so we thought we would go and get park tickets at Wimbledon one day in the second week of the tournament. We caught the tube out to South Fields Station where and it felt like we had stepped onto a tennis court as the platform was decorated in green felt mats which had marked white lines and pictures tennis balls everywhere. We were greeted by a guy who had his head shaved, coloured and marked like a tennis ball who offered to drive us in a taxi for 3 pound each. Rachel and I wanted to get ahead of some of the people in the queue so we took him up on his offer and jumped into the taxi with another guy who was also heading to the tennis.

We lined up in the grass fields outside of Wimbledon and were given a card which indicted what number we were in the queue. I think it was around 4100 and it was only 8.30am, what time did these people get here to get good tickets seriously?!lol We were even handed a brochure on queueing procedures which was kind of funny and we sat down and waited for our line to begin moving. There were people camping in tents already to purchase tickets to matches on the main courts for the following day which was crazy but a great way to ensure you got good tickets.We chatted and sat with our ponchos on and umbrellas in hand in the rain (typical London weather) for around two and a half hours before we walked through the gates and where inside Wimbledon Park.

When we got into Wimbledon there were lots of restaurants, bars, Pimms, and strawberry and cream stands everywhere. The park was so beautiful as were the flowers and garden beds which were colour themed in the traditional green, purple and white colours. We were going to try and sneak into either centre court, court 1,2 or 3 until we realised there was no chance of getting past the security guards dressed in military style uniforms at each entrance to the main courts. We did however get into the park early so we were able to get a sneak peak of what it looked like inside centre court before Rodger Federer played his quarter final match. Centre court seemed quite small and the seats where really close to the action which would have been amazing to watch from inside. We wondered around the park and watched some of the juniors and doubles matches on the outside courts which was awesome. At the end of one of the doubles matches Rachel ended up with one of the match balls that had been hit out of the court and got it signed by one of the players which was pretty cool. I know the players faces but can't remember what their names were...If anyone can help me out that would be great?

We sat and watched Federer play his match on Henman Hill with loads of other British people and tennis fans from across the world while we sipped on Pimms (a traditional British drink which is a brand of fruit cups and may also be considered to be a liqueur). It was so relaxing sitting and watching his game and I felt so lucky to be on the other side of the world sitting inside Wimbledon Park in London. We snuck up onto the steps of Court 1 and got a glimpse of Sharapova and listened to hurt grunt and squeal before we were ushered off the stairs ha 

As we were walking around the park I enjoyed watching matches from the outside courts but couldn't help but wish we had tickets to the centre courts and would definitely camp for tickets next time around. I loved how elegant the park looked along with it's umpires, ball boys and linesman who were all dressed beautifully in Ralph Lauren, one of the main sponsors of the tournament. I was a little envious as I watched rich people sipping on champagne in beautifully decorated private rooms with chandeliers, above the courts before they watched their matches. I bought some souvenirs at the Wimbledon official merchandise store for my Aunty Dixie as I knew she is a huge tennis fan and always stays up until the early hours of the morning whenever there is a Grand Slam on. I also got a key chain for my school keys to use when I go back home as well as I programme and a magnet that looks like a tennis racquet. 

After hours of wondering around the park watching tennis matches it started to rain fairly heavy and the outside courts were being covered over so Rachel and I decided to head home. We had an amazing day at Wimbledon and it will be something I will remember for the rest of my life.            
Me waiting in line for Wimbledon
Checking out the outside courts at Wimbledon

Pimms on Henmen Hill-So British

Rach sipping on Pimms

Getting a glimpse of Centre Court

Rachel's signed ball


Pink promotors on the way into Wimbledon

Rach lining up for Wimbledon


Henman Hill

Watching doubles matches

Watching the action on the outside courts

Watching a doubles match at Wimbledon

Watching a doubles match at Wimbledon

Watching tennis on the big screen

Tennis balllls

Order of play board at Wimbledon

My boyfriend Rodger!

Up and coming champions on the outside courts

Me in Centre Court before play started

Rach and I lining up for Wimbledon

Up and coming juniors at Wimbledon

Order of play board

Lines and campers lining up for tickets at Wimbledon

Rachel getting her ball signed

Waiting in the lines to get into Wimbledon


Beautiful flowers around Wimbledon

Cute little Rach still waiting in the line...
Love The Rodger Federer Loving Backpacker

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