Sunday, 12 August 2012

Lagos Day Three-Sunbaking and Nah Nah Bar

Hello everyone,

We woke up quite early and headed to a cafe called 'Odeon's' which was recommended in a Lagos tourist booklet that was had picked up upon arriving in Lagos. The cafe claimed to have a 3 euro all you can eat breakfast so when we got there we were greeted to a line which was out the door. The cafe could only seat around 15 people so we patiently waited for the customers in the cafe to eat before being seated. As we waited in the line we looked at the menu and ordered ahead so that when ours was ready we had a table to sit at. We all had huge breakfasts again and I enjoyed my eggs, hashbrowns, bacon and pancakes.

After breakfast we got a little water boat over the canal that separates the town from the main beach for 60 cents. I loved the feel of normal sand and the long coastlines at the main beach but it also had heaps of seaweed was I hate. There were lots of good waves which brang alot of surfers to this beach. We layed topless at the beach working on our tans whilst reading books for hours. I love laying on the beach listening to the sound of waves crashing while the sun burns down on me, I could lay at the beach all day and think I take after my dad in this way! When we came home we all showered and had a sleep in the hostel room for an hour or so as I always get tired after being at the beach all day in the sun. I loved the laid back feel of Lagos and all you could really do during the day was beach it as all of the bars were closed.

That night we decided to go to another restaurant that some of Katie's friends had recommended to go to called Nah Nah Bar. It claimed to have the world's best burgers and was packed full of trendy travellers and surfers when we arrived. I didn't feel like a burger that night as I am a sucker for any pasta that has pesto or creamy garlic sauce lol It was delicious and the atmosphere of the burger bar was really cool and I highly recommend this place to eat at if you ever travel to Lagos.

That night I didn't want to go out because I was loving going to the beach everyday and didn't want to spend my days here laying around hungover in bed.We had a kayaking tour the next day as well and I know how hungover so I get and didn't want to be sick for that. I watched the girls get drunk as they pre-drank on our hostel room balcony which was quite funny as I was the only sober one. I caught up on some personal grooming that night and wrote postcards to send home to my family which was a nice change from getting drunk.
Nah Nah Bah-Apparently claims to have the best burgers in the world here

Nah Nah Bar Menus ha

Georgia at Nah Nah Bar

Katie, Chloe, Georgia and I at Nah Nah Bar
Odeon Cafe-Breakfast
The girls walking to dinner
Love The Relaxed Backpacker

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