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IBIZA Day Two-Formentera Island and SPACE

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Ibiza is one of the four main islands (Menorca, Mallorca, Ibiza and Formentera) that make up the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean sea of Spain's eastern coastline. Ibiza is an island of extremes and it's party reputation is completely justified with some of the world's greatest clubs hosting the worlds best DJ's each night.

Katie woke us up pretty early as usual to get ready to head to Formentera Island. I ate some breakfast from the supermarket before heading down to the beach to buy my ticket for the Aqua Bus which took us to Formentera Island. We got there a little too early so we tanned on the sunbeds before our boat came to pick us up. The boat looked a little old and slow but it was cheap so we were excited to be hopping on it with a small group of people from near where we were staying. We got on and claimed the seat right in front of the captains window at the front of the boat which had the best view and was pretty cool. The boat continued to pick people up from different ports around Ibiza before finally getting out into the open seas. The trip was so rocky and it took around 2 hours to get to Formentera as the boat was so old but the ride was fun never the less lol I was envious of the people cruising by our boat in luxury cruise boats as they looked like they were going really fast and they probably made it to the island in about half the time we did. Our boat started to remind me of our boat ride to the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns that I went to during Uni Games one year as it was so rocky and slow. 

When we arrived to Formentera there were buses that took us to the beach for 6 Euro each. When we got to the beach I was amazed as the water was sky blue and the sand was pure and white. There were so many people there sun baking and taking in the beautiful views the island had to offer. There were luxury cruise liners pulling up a little out to sea and some people even had dingy boats which bought them over to the beach for a swim before hopping back onto their expensive cruise liners. Some of the people we saw at the beach that day had the most amazing bodies and looked so hot which didn't help my confidence after putting on so much weight travelling ha ha We sun baked for hours and took lots of photos using my underwater camera which was fun. I had a great day taking in Formentera island and felt so lucky to be in what felt like paradise.

We freaked out a little after being dropped at a totally different spot to the one we were picked up at on the way back from Formentera Island but it actually worked out great because we got to go right into the centre of Ibiza town. We got to see where all of the shops and restaurants where as well as the official Pasha merchandise store and the world famous club PASHA. We sat and ate Pizza at the Pasha restaurant as we 'people watched' and checked out the those in crazy outfits that were getting around in Ibiza. We got home in a taxi before having a power nap to recharge for clubbing that night.

I was so excited as we pre-drank in the hostel room before heading to 'We Love Space' night at SPACE Nightlcub, Ibiza. The girls and I were drinking pretty fast and wanted to get drunk before heading to the club as we heard that drinks were really expensive inside the club. We paid around 30 Euro to get tickets for the club which we bought at the hostel reception. We were playing card games and I started to miss drinking with my girls and fags as Chloe was being a little rude and a bit of a smart ass to me while she got drunk during the games. We ended up getting a cab to the nightclub and then Katie and Chloe started complaining about buying mixers for their drinks and snacks. I immediately got on the defensive because I had bought plenty of snacks on the trip which they had eaten and I bought my own redbull and pineapple juice that night so if they wanted to get all up tight about people not paying for food they should have been saying stuff to Georgia as she hadn't bought a thing the whole trip. Not really a great start to the night after having such a great day at Formentera!

The girls and I quickly got over it and we then lined up and presented out tickets at the door to enter the club. When we entered Space it was like a huge rave party with strobe lights and thousands of people everywhere!There were so many rooms and terraces with DJ's playing everywhere but we only went to two main areas of the nightclub  that night. I had a good night with Katie and Chloe after we cleared the air and I told her she was being a bitch and she quickly apologised and said she had no idea she was making me feel upset. Georgia was so drunk she was falling all over the floor and trying to run off into the crowd of thousands of people which was actually really annoying because we had to babysit and chase her all night. I am 26 and my idea of a good night is not chasing around someone who can't handle their alcohol especially in Ibiza when I'm meant to be having the time of my life.

The club was huge and the DJ's were playing in massive booths which was cool. There were so many people there and I did pash a German guy at the bar which was a little bit of fun but I left him there lol The drinks were 15 euro each which was expensive especially for a backpacker so I only ended up having one drink which was very rare for me as I always usually have a drink in my hand when I go clubbing. I ended up leaving at about 5am in a taxi because I was sick of chasing Georgia around and making sure she was ok.

That night I woke up to hear Georgia yelling at Katie about an hour after I came home. She was saying they left her in the streets by herself for three hours and she was crying hysterically. Chloe and Katie came back into our room after Georgia wouldn't come back to her bed and Katie politely asked me if I could go and get her. I went downstairs and said to her really nicely to come back upstairs while I played with her hair and told her it would be so much comfier in her own bed. She said thanks babe and came upstairs with me sobbing as she got into bed. It's a shame the night was spoiled after having such an amazing day at Formentera Island. 
Ibiza Town

Aqua Bus to Formentera Island

Having fun at Formentera Island

Sitting up the front of the boat to Formentera Island

Formentera Island

Chloe, Katie and Georgia at Formentera Island

Formentera Island

Loving Formentera Island

Our hostel in Ibiza

Chloe, Katie and Georgia at Formentera Island

Chloe and I having fun with the waterproof camera

Me at Formentera Island

Underwater camera :)


Amazing beach at Formentera Island

Crystal Blue water!

Ibiza Town :)

Me at Formentera Island
Chloe, Katie and I heading over to Formentera Island

The girls and I at Formentera Island

Pizza after a hard day at the beach lol

Chloe loving the water at Formentera Island

Ibiza Town

Me at Formentera Island

Georgia at Formentera Island

Luxury boats of Ibiza

Posters for clubs everywhere in Ibiza

Me leaving Formentera Island


Beautiful water at Formentera Island

Woo hoo

Packed beach at Formentera Island

Chloe, Georgia and I-pre-drinks at the hostel

Chloe and I at Space Nightclub Ibiza

Signs outside Space Nightclub

Downstairs at Space Nightclub


Katie, Chloe and Georgia pre-drinks at the hostel

Pre-drinks at the hostel
The girls and I at Space Nightclub

Tickets into Space

Promoting Space Nightclub ha ha

Katie, Georgia and I having pre-drinks at the hostel

Georgia smashed at Space

Katie and I at SPACE
Love The Island Hopping Backpacker

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