Sunday, 12 August 2012

Lagos Day Two-Beach and Three Monkeys

Oi Everyone,

Lagos is part of The Algarve area of Portugal. The Algarve has breathtaking cliffs, golden sands, scalloped bays and long sandy islands. In summer this pretty fishing port of Lagos has a huge party vibe; its picturesque cobbled streets and pretty nearby beaches are packed with travellers and sun seekers which make it a holiday destination that loads of people want to visit each year.

Katie got us up and moving for an early breakfast which we had at a nice little cafe along the cobbled streets of Lagos. We all had huge breakfasts of bacon, eggs, croissants, juice, coffee and tea. We had an old Portuguese man as our waiter and he was so cute and absolutely beautiful to us. After breakfast we headed off to the beach which was alot choppier then the day before and the huge waves within  the cove made it impossible to swim in.  After a little while Katie decided to go and have a look at what the water was like in other areas around the cove and ended up finding calmer water not far from where we were sitting. We swam, relaxed for a couple of hours and tanned with our tops off which was something I would never usually do in Australia but seemed to be completely normal in Lagos as everyone was doing it.

After the beach we came back showered and Katie, Chloe and I went to explore the streets of Lagos. Georgia had gotten her toe ripped off at the festival she had attended before coming to Lagos so she was hobbling around and decided to stay at the hostel and rest her foot. The girls and I walked around Lagos and along the marina and checked out some of the cheap shops. Chloe and Katie bought some new bikinis and I helped them decide whether they looked good or not as I was trying to save my Euros. 

When we finished looking around the streets and getting our bearings we decided to head back to the hostel and start drinking on our hostel balcony. I quickly polished off a bottle of wine and then started on the vodka as that seemed to be the drink of choice for the girls throughout the trip. We did our makeup out on the balcony while we talked and got to know each other a little better. It started to get late and we went upstairs to receive our free sangria at the hostels rooftop bar before heading out. Chloe and I sat and talked to some people who were also drinking up on the rooftop from Newcastle and Melbourne. I was really drunk at one stage and decided to go and viber Paige Milgate who I would be travelling with later in the year and I chatted to her about my plans to book accommodation for Valencia, Menorca, Barcelona, Berlin and Prague. She seemed keen to go ahead with everything I had suggested which was exciting and I was looking forward to travelling with her up until Oktoberfest. I tried to call Brad too but didn't get to talk to him for long as the connection kept cutting out :(

I started getting head spins after drinking too fast and started feeling sick, the girls didn't look like they were heading out anytime soon so I decided to go and lay down on my bed downstairs. Katie and Georgia came and woke me up and told me to get out of bed to go and party with them in Lagos. I got out of bed still drunk and headed towards 'Three Monkey's', on the way Chloe ran into her Busabout boyfriend and his friends which was totally random and they decided to join us at the bar we were going to. When we walked in it was crammed full of Aussies who were either blind drunk or had their shirts off. One of the barman was dressed in leopard print lingerie and was up on the bar feeding people goon bongs.  Alcohol was drenching all of the people around the bar and it was so seedy it was gross. I had one drink when I was in the bar but started to sober up as everyone around me got drunker. I am not used to sitting around drinking when I go out as I'm used to dancing the whole night with my friends and I started to get a little bored as Chloe and Georgia were sitting chatting with guys for most of the time. I felt like I was 10 years older than half the people in the bar and after a little dance on the top of a pool table with Katie I decided to sneak out and go back to the hostel and go to bed. Talk about old women!lol
Katie and I walking around the streets of Lagos

Me at Three Monkey's

Georgia at Three Monkey's

Canal separating the main land from the main beach in Lagos

Walking to the beach :)

Katie and Chloe at the beach

Chloe at the beach in Lagos

Pre-drinks on the balcony

Walking back to our hostel from the beach

Chloe and I walking around Lagos

Georgia walking to the beach

The streets of Lagos

Lagos lagoon beach

Me beaching it in Lagos

Katie and Georgia

View from our hostel roof top bar

Chloe and I in Lagos
Love The Backpacker

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